3.5 / 5.0

Bladez Fitness ellipticals are basic, entry level machines with some good features and rear drive technology. A decent choice for those looking for an elliptical under $900. Bladez Fitness Logo The company is part of BH Fitness, which is a part of the multi-national BH Group, operating out of Spain for over 100 years. They offer bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, recumbents and other workout equipment under various sub-companies.

Bladez currently offers 4 different models to choose from, starting with the low-end E300 elliptical at around $400 and moving up to their top of the line offering, the E700i at around $900 on sale. Although you’re not going to get everything you want on any of these machines, there are some decent features that users will find appealing.

UPDATE: As of 2017 it looks like there is only one elliptical being sold, the E600. However there are better models on the market. Check out our best ellipticals under $1000 here.

Let’s start off with some of the positive features that you will find….

1. All models come with transportation wheels so you can easily move the machine in and out of storage. That’s helpful for those with limited room.

2. All models come with a good amount of preset programs. Even the low end E300 comes with 23 programs.

3. All units come with large foot boards and padded handles for comfort. Max weight capacities are good as well.

That’s about all of the good features that you’ll find on all of the models.

Here’s what we don’t like about the Bladez ellipticals…

1. The stride is not adjustable and is quite short on the low end model. But for only $400 you can’t expect much. The mid-level models have 18″ strides which is a little better, and only the top E700i offers a 20″ stride which is OK.

2. As far as resistance levels, you get 24 and 32 with the better models but only 16 on the lower ones, which isn’t great comparatively.

3. There’s no web compatibility, but that is quite common with elliptical machines under $1000.

Bladez E700i elliptical
We looked around for consumer reviews for the Bladez Fitness ellipticals, but all we could find was one lone review of the E300 model, and it wasn’t too favorable. Here it is:

Maybe its just me but, I regret buying the machine and would be embarrassed to sell it. The computer is unintelligible (I have a masters) and after a 45 min go my heart rate was 100 bpm which seems optimistic given the sweat. The machine started rattling after a week and when I tried to open it to grease it the screws stripped, so now I have no access,apart from that its peachy, just peachy. – Tima, Amazon user

We tried to find some expert Bladez Fitness elliptical reviews but again came up empty. Perhaps they just aren’t popular enough to garner any attention from the pros or consumer magazines. Maybe this will change with time. We’re hoping they eventually step up their ellipticals, at least to make them comparable to some of the other sub $1000 ellipticals. They are part of a big company so they should have the money necessary to overhaul their ellipticals and give them something to make them stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, they’re bound to get lost in the shuffle.

Check back with us soon for more in-depth reviews of all four Bladez Fitness ellipticals, with specs, ratings, reviews and our recommendations!