Epic A35EEpic A35E

Web Price: $2,799.99 | Sale Price: $1,999.99

This is the top-end elliptical that Epic has on their line up. It is the most expensive, but it has the greatest features. This is a beast of an elliptical. It can accommodate heavy users and it can handle heavy usage.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

400 lbs
Stride Length:
20 – 22″
73″ L x 25.3″ W x 67.8″ H

Expert Reviews

Epic has recently updated their treadmill and elliptical line up, so there is not much news and opinion out there yet. However, it seems Epic has made a great elliptical line up, so there will definitely be some expert reviews soon, so check back often.

User Reviews

The same goes for the user reviews. Not that many people have bought Epic’s machines yet, because they are all so new and unknown right now. There will be user reviews posted soon.


The Epic A35E has really “stepped it up to the next level” with this elliptical. The price is rather high, however, you are getting amazing features and specifications. First off, the specs listed above are great. Second, this elliptical comes with so many outstanding features such as, a 10″ full color capacitive touch screen, HD video workouts, a wireless chest strap, and 45 preset workout apps.

Last and best of all, this elliptical is iFit ready. As if the 45 preset workouts weren’t enough, this elliptical had to step it up that much further. And as I mentioned before, this elliptical is great for extremely overweight users, and it will last a lifetime because of the strength and durability. Epic also has a nice warranty to back it up.

**UPDATE: It looks like the Epic brand might be out of business. The website is currently down and Epic is no longer listed as a brand on the ICON website. You can still find the sister model, the Epic A32E elliptical on Amazon. Otherwise opt for one of the higher end models from NordicTrack or Horizon if you want something similar.