FreeMotion logoIn December 2000, FreeMotion Fitness was bought by ICON Health & Fitness. Though they are now the commercial division of ICON, you are able to purchase their products through their website. FreeMotion ellipticals, as well as their strength machines, treadmills, bikes and striders are widely known to be ideal as far as getting the body into shape. Why? Because unlike other companies, they actually research how the body gets in shape and use that knowledge to make better machines. The result is fully adjustable equipment that responds to the individual, rather than forcing you to do one strict motion that can put stress on your body.

FreeMotion elliptical trainerDue to its popularity in the commercial scene, you will most likely find these machines in your neighborhood health clubs or fitness centers. These are high-end machines and have price tags that reflect such quality when purchasing for your home. One thing to keep in mind with FreeMotion is the fact that they don’t have a lot of machines to choose from. They are currently offering 4 machines, two under the Commercial heading and two under the Home heading. The cheapest model you will find is around $4000 so FreeMotion is not the brand for you if you are looking for a cheaper elliptical.

But FreeMotion ellipticals are priced high for a very good reason. They make sure you get your money’s worth with each elliptical. As the name suggests, FreeMotion equipment is designed with the natural movement of the body in mind. Unlike traditional fixed movement machines that tend to isolate one group of muscles while working out, FreeMotion equipment works with your body, to gauge your individual abilities and range of movement so that all of your muscles get an even workout. Not only does this improve overall workouts, it also reduces stress on the joints and lower back, helping to increase endurance and minimize pain.

The Current Freemotion Elliptical Lineup

UPDATE: FreeMotion Fitness is no longer making new ellipticals, and there are better choices when it comes to a higher end home elliptical trainer. Take a look at Matrix ellipticals…you get a lot more for your money, and their machines are equipped with the latest technology.

As of 2018 you have just a few models for sale, depending on where you look. On the company site you can find the 570 Interactive and the 510. On Amazon you can find the FreeMotion 645, 845 and 545, as well as some of the older models.

Freemotion elliptical and other machines are equipped with iFit technology, the latest innovation in exercise. This system includes access to Google and Google Maps, which allows you to tailor your workout to the smallest detail. You can get advice from the pros on the best workout for your needs or use Google Maps to work out anywhere in the world without leaving your home.

One of the newer features that you will not find on most machines is the ability to work out on a decline. While incline capability is making its way around, the fact that you can set up to a -3% decline is very cool, and adds yet another dimension to an already killer workout.

While more and more brands are making the leap into the world of wireless technology, Freemotion continues to stand out by virtue of its approach to range of motion design. This makes it a favorite of fitness trainers and medical professionals alike and gives it the flexibility to be used by individuals of any fitness level.

Though FreeMotion holds a great reputation due to the exceptional quality of their machines, the fact that it is a brand of ICON makes people a little wary. ICON is known to be lacking in the customer service department. FreeMotion machines are great if you are looking to buy a high-quality machine, regardless of cost.

Our Freemotion elliptical reviews are below, so you can learn more about each individual model.

FreeMotion Elliptical Reviews

FreeMotion 510
FreeMotion 510 Rear Drive
PRICE: $4,999
RATING: Four Stars
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FreeMotion 570
FreeMotion 570 Interactive
PRICE: $4,999
RATING: Five Stars
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FreeMotion E11.6
FreeMotion E11.6
PRICE: $6,007
RATING: One and a Half Stars
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FreeMotion E7.7
FreeMotion E7.7
PRICE: $4,011
RATING: Two and a Half Stars
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