Life Fitness X1 EllipticalLife Fitness X1 Elliptical

Web Price: $2,199 | Sale Price: $1,999

Similar to the F1 model, the company’s entry level model features a 20″ stride, oversized pedals, WhisperStride technology and two available console options to suit your needs.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

350 lbs
Stride Length:
20″ max
81″ L x 30″ W x 59″ H

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Overview: The Life Fitness X1 Cross-Trainer is the sister model to the E1, with similar features including two different console choices, smooth natural motion, heart rate monitoring and non-slip oversized pedals.

Here are some of the best features on the X1…

Console Options

The X1 elliptical trainer comes with two choices of consoles, just like the E1 CrossTrainer, so you can pick the one that works for you.

The GO console features a blue LCD display with you 12 workouts, 2 custom and 2 user profiles, along with the usual workout metrics like speed, distance, calories, time, heart rate, etc.

The upgrade Track Console console uses the company’s LF Connect program, synching with your favorite health apps. It also has an iPod dock for your music. You get an additional 2 workouts (14 in total), 12 custom workouts and 4 user profiles. You have to pay an additional $400 for the Track + console, but users say it’s worth the additional cost for the features that you get. (2017 UPDATE – The Track Connect Console is no longer available for the X1)

Smooth Natural Motion

Like all Life Fitness machines, the X1 is ergonomically designed to deliver the most natural, comfortable motion regardless of how intense your workout is.

WhisperStride Technology

For such a sturdy, well built machine the Life Fitness X1 is extremely quiet due to its WhisperStride technology. It has ball bearings which reduce friction, ensuring a noise free workout and ensuring that your neighbors don’t complain. 🙂

Other Benefits

Life Fitness is well-known for the quality of their equipment, and as such you’ll find their treadmills, ellipticals and other equipment in high end gyms across the world. They maintain that level of quality in their residential equipment as well, so it’s really like you are getting a gym treadmill in your home. You also get ErgoGrip handlebars, heart rate monitoring, and cup holders.

Guru Test Drive

Walking up to the X1 feels like you are approaching a machine in the gym. It looks sturdy and sleek and able to withstand years of steady use by all kinds of users. Stepping on the machine doesn’t change that. It feels just like the one you’ve been using for years.

Our test machine had the basic Go Console, which was fine, but we got used to the Track + Console we tried out on the E1 CrossTrainer. We still enjoyed our workouts, though, opting for interval training followed by a race mode program.

The motion is very smooth and whisper quiet, even at the highest speeds and resistance levels. The interface is basic but gives you all of the information you need such as your level, time, speed, distance, heart rate, target rate and calories. You can pause your workout at the touch of a button.

Another nice feature that you don’t really think about is the Energy Saver button which can lower energy consumption up to 90%. Just hit the button after your workout and the treadmill is in low power mode, kind of like sleep mode on your computer. Hit it again and it wakes right up and is ready for your next workout.


If you have the budget for it the Life Fitness X1 CrossTrainer is a very good elliptical machine. The company pretty much invented computerized workout equipment and it shows in the technology and design of their machines.

You definitely want to go with the Track Connect Console if you have the option, as you can connect it to your smart phone or tablet to track your results and sync with your favorite fitness apps. It also offers more custom workouts and two additional user profiles.

At this price it would be nice if it had a touchscreen or was web-enabled, but what you’re really paying for here is the quality of the machine…and that’s very important.