Nautilus E616 EllipticalNautilus E616 Elliptical

Web Price: $1,499 | Sale Price: $799

Offering more workouts, resistance levels and features than the E614, this mid range cardio trainer allows you to track your workouts to keep tabs on your results.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 3.5 / 5.0

300 lbs
Stride Length:
71.5″L x 26.7″W x 63.2″H

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Overview: The Nautilus E616 is a mid-priced elliptical trainer offering a nice amount of workout options and resistance levels, as well as the ability to track your workouts via NautilusConnect. Still, the subpar warranty is unappealing and not a good sign of the company’s confidence in the construction of their products.

Let’s take a look at the best features…

Workout Variation

The E616 gives you 29 different workout programs, including 12 profile, 9 heart rate, 2 fitness, 1 recovery, 1 quick start and 4 custom programs. This is 7 more than the base E614 elliptical.

You also get 25 resistance levels, and the ability to incline up to 11% with the touch of a button. This allows for endless combinations, which will help you reach your fitness goals that much quicker.

Tracking Capability

Just like Schwinn offers on their ellipticals with SchwinnConnect, the E616 features NautilusConnect. This allows you to track all of your workouts and sync them with various apps including MyFitnessPal. So you can see graphs of your progress, set goals for yourself and even share your results with friends and families. It’s a great way to keep on top of your workouts to see how you’re doing from week to week and month to month.

Heart Rate Programming

The Nautilus E616 elliptical gives you 9 heart rate programs to choose from, plus the ability to measure your heart rate via contact grips or through a wireless chest strap, which the base E614 does not. This is a great way to get into shape and ensure that you are working out in the ideal zone, which is different from one individual to the next.

Other Features

You also get a dual LCD display that allows you to use your tablet and still see your workout stats, a 3 speed fan for cooling down while you train, transport wheels, a sealed acoustic system and a water bottle holder.

Anything we didn’t like?

Although the E616 has a lot of nice features, it’s very pricey when it’s not on sale. At a list of $1,499, it has a lot of competitors with a lot more to offer, including better warranties. With just 10 years on the frame and 2 years on the parts, the warranty definitely leaves a lot to be desired. It gets a little better with the new E618 Performance Series elliptical, so take a look at that one as well.

Nautilus E616 Elliptical – Bottom Line

If you can find it on sale, the E616 elliptical machine from Nautilus is not a bad choice for your home. It does have a lot of good features, plenty of workouts, resistance and incline levels, tracking capability and heart rate monitoring.

The ideal price for this one would be around $800…then you can overlook some of the shortcomings.

You will need to opt for extended coverage just to be on the safe side, which will typically be around $70 or $80 for two to three years. Also, you should look at its sister model, the Schwinn 470, which is around the same price but is a lot more popular.

All of the Schwinns and Nautilus ellipticals have come down significantly in price over the years, so they are much more appealing than they used to be. Compare all of them to find the right one for your needs.