Horizon Fitness Elite E7 EllipticalHorizon Fitness Elite E7 Elliptical

Web Price: $2,099 | Sale Price: $1,399

A step up from Horizon’s Evolve line featuring power incline and additional features.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.5 / 5.0

300 lbs
Stride Length:
69″ L, 28″ W, 69″ H

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Overview: The Horizon Elite E7 has been rated quite highly in industry reviews since its introduction several years back. At a price of about $1399 or so on sale, it’s still one of the relatively affordable machines on the market, especially for how many features this machine comes with. Horizon is a well-established brand, known for its seamless integration of gym-grade quality equipment with features that target homeowners who want to start a fitness corner in the comfort of their own living space.

Here are some of the best features on this elliptical…

Power incline

This is the most notable difference that separates this model from the other, lower-priced alternatives in Horizon’s line such as the Evolve 5. An incline ramp allows the user to target and tone different muscle groups as well as burn more calories per workout.

Variety of Programs

This elliptical machine comes with an impressive list of 42 programs including a manual, 13 distance, 9 calorie, 4 interval, 3 performance, 10 step and 2 custom programs. This is a wider offering than other competitively priced consoles, which typically offer at most 20 or so different programs.

Polar Heart Rate Monitoring

The Horizon Elite E7 elliptical comes with two ways to track your heart rate: the Free Polar chest strap with a wireless receiver counterpart in the machine, as well as contact grips on the arms. This is an ideal option for those of you who desire a more accurate heart rate monitor during your workouts, especially if you are performing a lot of interval work.


This feature essentially allows you to take your workout around the world. HD videos are displayed on your own television, and the images that go by are synced with your body’s movement. This allows you to see and hear other cultures without leaving your workout console. Pick from diverse settings, such as the French Riviera, the Rockies, and the Trinity Mountains. Note that the top of the line Elite E9 elliptical allows you to view these videos right on the machine itself.


This connectivity platform is a carry-over feature from Horizon’s Evolve 3 and Evolve 5 machines. It allows you to connect your equipment to your life by feeding your workout to fitness apps you already use, and share your workouts online with social media. You can also manually adjust the workout details, as well as keep track of caloric burn and caloric intake. This feature requires a Wi-Fi connection.

Other notable features: Energy Saver Mode, built-in speakers, reading rack, bottle holder.

Guru Test Drive

At a stride length of 20″, the Elite E7 should be ideal for most users, regardless of height. The maximum user capacity has expanded to 325 pounds, further diversifying the group of users who can utilize this machine.

This elliptical trainer operates smoothly and quietly, so there is limited room for your workout to disturb others. In addition, the base is study, which provides a workout free of any extraneous side-to-side motions, which might work to place stress on the hips. This is thanks to the 23 pound front-drive flywheel.

I’m glad that Horizon finally decided to include the wireless chest strap with this machine, as it is absent from all of its lower-priced machines in the line. Having a chest strap is usually industry-standard at a slightly lower price range. Cardio machines are usually well known for giving inaccurate heart rate and calorie readings. Being able to double check your caloric burn and your current heart rate will really help with your interval training efforts.

I felt the difference when I used the incline using this machine that the other machines in Horizon’s line didn’t offer. After several weeks, this machine proved that it emphasized strength training and isolation toning more than Horizon’s other machines. The combination of that and cranking up the resistance made my legs feel more of a burn after continual use. The 20 resistance levels make it so that almost anyone can find an appropriate combination of the two factors to meet their fitness needs.

Another carryover feature from many of Horizon’s other machines in their line is the low 10″ step-on height. This feature adds a level of safety for users which shows Horizon’s attention to detail.

The 8.5″ extra-wide blue LCD is bigger than that of its immediate lower-priced sister model in Horizon’s series, the Evolve 5, whose screen is 6.25″. The screen displays the standard workout feedback stats, such as time, distance, calories, speed, RPM, resistance level, heart rate, watts, laps and incline.

The warranty policy on the Horizon Elite E7 is a generous update from the other models in Horizon’s elliptical line. The warranty covers the frame and the motor for a lifetime, five years for the parts, and a one-year warranty on labor. This is comparable to other ellipticals in this price range on the market. SOLE Fitness’s E95 SOLE Elliptical, which sells for $1699.99 offers the same warranty coverage, except for the difference of a 2 year labor coverage instead of 1 year.

Another plus is that Horizon usually offers free shipping on the Elite series ellipticals, so if you opt for this one over the Evolve you can save a few hundred additional dollars, negating the price increase of the machine itself.

Given its many pluses, there are a couple of features that I wish this machine would have included. First off, this machine does not come with a full-color screen. This is a feature that most gym-goers are accustomed to, with the abundance of mini TV’s and other features that combine the best of fitness and entertainment. Second, I would have liked to see the inclusion of transport wheels. At a weight of 214 pounds, this isn’t exactly a feather-light device to tote around. Take this into consideration when deciding where to place your machine.

Final Thoughts:

The Horizon Elite E7 elliptical trainer is a nice upgrade from their Evolve and QuickStart models. However, it does not provide a huge amount of additional features. The most notable significant changes are the power incline and the Polar Heart Rate monitor.

If you feel like you can get a great workout in without these additional features, then spring for the less expensive models. Whichever one you pick, though, you’ll probably be happy with considering Horizon’s great quality machines, as well as their continued dedication to user convenience and safety.

You can take a look at the Elite E7 on special sale now as well as the E9 and Evolve series on the official manufacturer’s site.