NordicTrack E 12.0NordicTrack E 12.0

Web Price: $2,499 | Sale Price: $1,169

This elliptical has great features and specs for its low price. However, it seems to have mixed opinions. I would recommend doing some digging before purchasing this one.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 3.5 / 5.0

375 lbs
Stride Length:
20 – 22″
65.8″ L X 25.5″ W X 68.5″ H

No Longer Available.

Expert Reviews

The two expert reviews below kind of reflect a different opinion on the E 12.0. Keep in mind that the Elite 12.0 is a newer elliptical, so there are not many expert opinions out there yet.

“Based on NordicTrack’s new front drive elliptical concept, the E12.0 doesn’t match up with the offerings from Sole and LiveStrong.” –Treadmill Doctor

“The NordicTrack Elite 12.0elliptical is named for its elite quality and performance. Just like the Elite treadmills, the Elite Ellipticals are the best of the Nordictrack lineup. They’re not the cheapest, but in all the ways that make an elliptical great, they excel the most.” – NordicTrackReviews

User Reviews

“When I first got on it, it was like running up hill in quick sand and I couldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Since then I have learned how to use it and it is just about everything I had hoped for. The mechanism is nearly soundless so I can watch TV without having to turn up the sound and nobody is bothered. I have been running on it nearly every day for over a month now, and since it runs so smoothly and there isn’t any impact, my joints have not complained at all.”

These next three user reviews come from, because NordicTrack only had 1 current review that I listed above. As I said before, it is a newer machine so it may take some time before more reviews pop up.

“Luckily, no one in our house has been hurt on this piece of equipment. The parts become disconnected and the pedal arm falls to the ground while the rider is on it. I have contacted SEARS and hopefully they will allow us to return this piece of equipment as we feel that it is not safe.” -syracuse13057, NY

“very happy with the machine, very sturdy and built to last” -electricflyman1, LA

“I’ve had the machine for almost 2 months and love it. It is quiet and very easy to use. I was a little skeptical since there are some bad reviews about Ellipticals, but so far haven’t had any problems.” -Palula Tempe, AZ


The NordicTrack E 12.0 is a mid-priced elliptical in the NordicTrack line up. When first looking at the product, you think you are getting a steal because of the features and specs. And it’s true in a way, because this elliptical does have awesome features. How can you go wrong with an elliptical when it offers iFit®, an 8″ workout fan, a polar hands free pulse monitor, and a 7″ backlit display? Don’t get me wrong. This elliptical is great; However, right now you can buy ellipticals from NordicTrack that are set at a lower price with even more features. At least this is the case for a few of the ellipticals. Also, from reading the expert and user reviews above, you may want to do some more digging on this elliptical. The positive reviews were extremely positive, however, the negative reviews seemed a little bit scary as well.