NordicTrack FreeStrider 35 SiNordicTrack FreeStrider 35 Si

Web Price: $2,499 | Sale Price: $2,499

This elliptical is considerably the most versatile elliptical on the market. The 35″ variable stride length offers an intense workout that only serious trainers could bare.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 2.5 / 5.0

300 lbs
Stride Length:
58.5″ L x 31.8″ W x 66.9″ H

UPDATE: The 35Si is no longer available for sale. It has been replaced by the
all new FreeStride FS7i which has all of the same features and more at a much lower cost.

Expert Reviews

“The 35s is a seudo-elliptical that has been on the market for a couple of years now. It has a fairly awkward motion that only an engineer could love. That doesn’t mean that it won’t hold up well, it looks like it will. The workout is so tough, however, only a special forces solider or a real masochist will like it.” – Treadmill Doctor

“Offering a unique design and a generic set of features the NordicTrack FreeStrider 35 Si failed to impress us as an elliptical/stair-stepper hybrid.”

“The NordicTrack Freestrider is an elliptical-type machine, though the motion doesn’t completely mimic a traditional elliptical. The 35″ variable stride length found in this machine is larger than any other elliptical of its type on the market.” – NordicTrackCoupon

“The Freestrider 35Si offers a rare maximum stride length of 35″. You might want to know the 35 in this model’s name means 35”. Doing long strides is equivalent to incline training as this gives you difficulty and challenge. This elliptical also has an adjustable feature for shorter stride options.” – Treadmills 411

“The Nordictrack FreeStrider 35Si is a very different kind of cardiovascular fitness machine. Think of it as an elliptical and stepper combined into one easy-to-use workout machine. ” –

User Reviews

“The strider won me over the traditional eliptical because of the longer stride and more compact size. Within 45 mins of carrying it upstairs with my husband and putting it together, I was working out on it. I prefer the manual workout over the programmed ones because the programmed ones keep telling me to “slow down” and when I do, I don’t feel like I’m working out.” – 1stTimeStrider (Austin, TX), NordicTrack Customer

“We did our homework before purchasing the 35si. It is by far the best product of it’s kind on the market, value included. We chose the strider over the traditional elliptical due to the variable stride it offers – to perpetuate this idea of “muscle confusion” which i must say we are getting incredible results with this strider. We’ll be furthering our home workout center with more NordicTrack products in the near future! Thanks NordicTrack!” – Donna (Gresham, OR), NordicTrack Customer

“The 35si Strider is an awesome machine. The combination of an elliptical and stair-stepper in one machine with a huge variable stride length, provides my wife and I the best opportunity to work areas of our core and legs in ways that we couldn t with more traditional machines.” – KBaroni (Lincoln, CA), NordicTrack Customer


The NordicTrack FreeStrider 35 Si is a beast of an elliptical. If you’re looking for an elliptical that will give you an intense workout, I would choose this one, because you won’t find many that compete. This elliptical/stair stepper has much to offer, however, the price does seem a bit high. It has less digital resistance levels than some cheaper models, and the stride length may be questionable to some. I would only recommend this machine to serious users that understand what they are getting themselves into. This elliptical offers one of the greatest diversities for workouts and it is hard to pass up, but you should definitely research this one, because the price tag is high.

***This elliptical is no longer available for sale. Check out its all new updated replacement, the FS7i elliptical on the official NordicTrack site.