Precor EFX 427 EllipticalPrecor EFX 427

Web Price: $4,999 | Sale Price: $4,999

A step up from the base EFX 423 with moving handlebars, ramp up to 40 degrees and 20 resistance levels in a solid, gym quality elliptical for home use.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

350 lbs.
Stride Length:
84″ L x 31″ W x 67″ H

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The Precor EFX 427 replaced the nearly identical EFX 425 as the step up model in the company’s Precision Series. With moving handlebars, 40 levels of incline and 20 resistance levels, this high end commercial model is a great choice for the home gym, although it is on the expensive side.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features you will find…

Impressive Incline Capability

The Precor EFX 427, as well as the rest of the Precision Series ellipticals, has power incline up to 40%, which is very hard to find these days, even on the higher end commercial models. This allows you to really ramp up your workouts (sorry for the pun), further engaging the leg muscles and more importantly, giving you a much more efficient cardio workout. You can experiment with different elevations to see which works for you, or just change it up from one day to the next. The patented CrossRamp technology allows you to change the height of your stride as well, giving you much more adjustability.

Wide Workout Range

You get a total of 10 built in workouts on the EFX 427, but the best part is the workout accelerators, which allow you to add even more targeted training to your routine. You can choose from Cross Training, Glutes, Cross Country, Hills and Aerobic, depending on what your fitness goals are. It’s a nice way to enhance your training.

Heart Rate Monitoring

You have both grips and wireless heart rate monitoring included on the EFX 427, and a free chest strap is included with your purchase, something you don’t always get. The built in Smart Rate technology shows you which of three target zones you are in: Fat Burn, Cardio or Peak, so you know exactly how hard you are training on the elliptical.

Plenty of Resistance Levels

You can choose from 20 resistance levels, which gives you the ability to work your way up over time and challenge yourself. As you move up it is gradually harder to pull the moving handles and step forward, and you’re getting a much more effective workout at the higher levels. Just don’t rush right into the top levels if you are just starting out.

Other Nice Features

We don’t have to mention that you are getting a commercial grade machine, as all of the Precor ellipticals are top of the line. On top of the unmatched quality you get iPod music capability, reversible motion, water bottle holder, 2 accessory holders and a magazine rack, as well as a high contrast LCD display.

Precor EFX 427 Test Drive

As we mentioned above, the EFX 427 is pretty much the same exact machine as the EFX 425 that we reviewed a short time ago. So we’re not sure why Precor changed the name. Perhaps there were a few minor unnoticeable changes made beneath the surface. At any rate, to give you a frame of reference, the EFX 427 is a step up from the base EFX 423 model, the only difference being that the 447 has moving handlebars, while the 423 only has stationary ones.

We’re not quite sure why any elliptical trainer would only have stationary handlebars, as most people like to work their arms too, or at least have the option to. So as you work your way through the extensive Precor elliptical lineup, just be aware that many of the entry level models in each series: Energy, Precision, Experience and AMT, have stationary handlebars only.

In addition to the moving handlebars, the EFX 427 has a very impressive 40 degrees of incline, which as we mentioned above is very hard to find. You often get 10%, sometimes 20%, but 40% is rare. It definitely gets tough at those higher levels, but it is a great workout. And what we like about Precor is that the motion is always smooth, natural and quiet, whether you are at 0% or 40%. The same holds true whether you are at a 1 resistance or 20 resistance level. Transition from one to the next is always seamless and quiet.

The Precision Series ellipticals are more similar to the machines you would find at a high end health club than the entry level Energy Series, so if you want something that gives you the same workout and have a little more to spend, the Precision Series is a good choice. The 427 gives you 10 preset workouts plus the workout accelerators. We’ve tried all of them and they really give you a good sweat. There are two user IDs and plenty of space for your tablet, water bottle, phone or any other items you have on hand.

There are two other models in the series to be aware of: the 443 and the top end 447. The 443 has stationary handlebars only, plus 24 preset workouts, touch screen and 4 user IDs. The 447 has 25 presets and 16 personalized workouts, 4 user profiles and a touch display with Preva workout tracking. So the 427 and the 447 are going to be your best bets if you want the the stationary and moving handlebars, which most people do.

The LCD display is functional and gives you all of the necessary feedback, but it would be nice if all of the Precision Series models had the touch screen displays like the 443 and 447 do as they are all on the expensive side. Also, only the 447 has the workout tracking, which is becoming more and more common on mid range and high-end elliptical trainers. There’s no reason why that kind of capability can’t be on all Precor ellipticals.

Small complaints aside, the Precor EFX 427 is a solidly built, commercial grade elliptical and definitely worth considering.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for a gym quality elliptical trainer for your home, the EFX 427 is a very good option for you, and one you’ll be satisfied with. It has the moving handlebars for an upper body workout, something missing on the 423 and 443 models. It gives you plenty of workout options, great incline capability and smooth, natural motion at all incline and resistance levels. Plus the warranty is one of the best in the industry.

If you think a touch screen would be better for you, look at the EFX 447, which also gives you the moving handlebars but adds a lot more workouts, a nice touch screen display and the ability to track and share your workouts to keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals.

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