ProForm 10.0 CEProForm 10.0 CE

Web Price: $799 | Sale Price: $799

The ProForm 10.0 CE comes equipped with 20 resistance levels, up to a 20″ adjustable stride length and 18 built-in workouts all for under $800, yet does the low price tag show that it may be low quality? Mixed reviews of the ProForm 10.0 CE suggest that it might be so.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 3.0 / 5.0

275 lbs
Stride Length:
16 – 20″
73.8″ L x 24.6″ W x 64.2″ H

**UPDATE** The 10.0CE is no longer available for sale. You can check out all of the new ProForm elliptical machines at the official site.

They are currently offering no interest as well as free shipping on all ellipticals so take a look sooner than later.

Expert Reviews

“It’s no Precor, but considering the price, ProForm 10.0 CE Elliptical Trainer is probably one of the best values out there. This elliptical has got the features that really matter. It’s relatively easy to assemble, and it is built to perform well. If you’re looking for an elliptical in a $550 price range, you can’t go wrong with the ProForm 10.0 CE Elliptical Trainer.” – Home ProFitness

“Similar in design to the Proform ZE 5, this machine is a value if you want a rear drive machine. We would recommend that large people not buy this machine. It won’t take the beating you will give it.” -Treadmill Doctor

“While this unit may get the job done for very light use, we would recommend looking toward other manufactures as this entry level 10.0 CE is not the best value for your money.” – Elliptical Trainers

“Proform has had successful elliptical models with this package of features before and this year Proform has improved on those past succeses. They make many different models in this price range but we feel that the Proform 10.0 CE is the best one we have tested from this brand.” -Elliptical Machine Reviews

User Reviews

“I like the machine ive only had about a week but u get a workout… it has nice options for more calorie burning workouts… the one thing i dont like is that its not very quite and moves a little on carpet… but other than that its a good machine…
p.s it was alot to put together so it might be better to pay have done but if you will do it urself have two people at the least!!” -MrsReviews (Milwaukee)

“The first shock: It takes two to put this hummer together. My neighbor and I spent several hours getting the thing assembled. Still, once I got it put together, it was one fine machine. If you decide to purchase this piece of equipment, take them up on the offer to have a professional assemble it. Yes, it adds an additional $200.00 to the bill, but you will then have the peace of mind knowing that the thing is assembled correctly and you will not have to face the headache of figuring out what they mean when they say, ‘hook up this whatsit to that gizmo.'” -John A. M. Darnell, ND

“Some of the parts did not fit together, they were incorrectly manufactured and it took a lot of work to file, sand and generally rework the parts to fit and complete the assembly. I wouldn’t buy this product again and would be wary of buying any equipment like this which has to be assembled at home.” – Trainers Man, KY

“All the complaints on how the manufacturing was off and it wouldn’t fit together and the instructions were poor and it rocked and squeaked etc. had me real worried that I bought a lemon. This unit had the features I was looking for, rear wheel (less linkage that way), adjustable stride, magnetic resistance, decent display, pulse, enough different programs and resistance levels and it folds somewhat, so I decided to take a chance and assemble it. Well mine went together without a hitch, no filing sanding etc.” – Gym Nut, FL


The ProForm 10.0 CE is an entry level machine that comes equipped with some great features such as the 18 built-in workouts, the 20 resistance levels, the iFit compatibility and SpaceSaver design that make this elliptical work for just about anybody. Although there were quite a few mixed reviews on the quality build of this elliptical, it seems to all come down to the assembly.
If you are interested in this elliptical for the great features at a low price, be sure to add on the professional assembly costs to ensure your elliptical is put together right and avoid any squeaking or malfunctioning. Overall this is a great entry level elliptical at a great price, but if you don’t have the money for professional assembly it may be in your best interest to look elsewhere and save yourself the headache.