ProForm 1200 EProForm 1200 E

Web Price: $1,999 | Sale Price: $1,999

The thought of a self-generating machine that uses the energy from your workout to power the console sounds very enticing, yet at almost $2,000 and not many other features to go along with it, it may not be worth the hefty price tag.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 2.5 / 5.0

350 lbs
Stride Length:
78″ L x 27″ W x 72″ H

Expert Reviews

“The Proform 1200 E is a good elliptical, just overpriced. It is hard to recommend this machine when you can get essentially the same thing in the Reebok version of this product from” – Treadmill Doctor

“Self generating is great if the Proform 1200e elliptical trainer will go in a location with no power, but the features you sacrifice far outweigh the benefits of self-generating electronics. The 20″ stride length is shorter than others in this price category, and both the resistance and workout program selections are quite limited. There are plenty of other compact front-drive ellipticals that offer similar features at a much lower price.” –

“This is a disappointing option when compared with the ProForm 890E, which has a lower MSRP. For its lack of appealing extras or even solid basics like a heavy flywheel, this model doesn’t fare well against competitors like the 890E and models from Sole and Schwinn.” –

“The 1200E is unusual to the ProForm line as it is not packed with all the bells & whistles many of the other ellipticals in the ProForm line do have. It is simply a heavier and better designed machine that will offer a longer service life. If you are serious about your workout, this may be the one for you.” – Treadmill Sensei

“The ProForm 1200e is a unique elliptical in the traditional carbon-copy $1,000 to $1,500 price range. The power that fuels the electronics of the ProForm 1200e is self-generated making the elliptical one of the most environmental friendly ellipticals on the market. If saving the environment is important to you than the ProForm 1200e is a terrific investment.” – Fit Rated

User Reviews

“I used this elliptical in the gym. It was awesome – I decided to spend a little extra to get the added features and quality – Glad I did! This is an excellent product- I’ve lost 30 lbs so far!” – ProForm customer MartiB (Wilmington, DE)

“I have only positive comments on this unit. It was relatively easy to assemble; but two people are definitely needed. It is a smooth workout and I like the different levels of difficulty. Definitely a five star!” – Getting Fit, Amazon customer

“I put it together in about 2 hours and have used it 3-4 times a week and had to tighten one of the arms after one year, and the creaking noise went away. It is solid and holding up as I expected.” – Dick’s Sporting Goods, JMP


The ProForm 1200 E is a quality built elliptical, yet possibly a little overpriced for its class. While there was nothing but positive reviews from previous users, there were quite a bit negative reviews from experts alike. This elliptical is going to give you a good workout there is no doubt about that, and it’s built with quality that is sure to last, yet at almost $1,300 it is lacking in quite a few features. It only has a 20″ stride length, only 15 built-in workout programs, no iFit live compatibility and only 12 resistant levels.

While these are all great features, you can find much more in an elliptical at a cheaper price. If having an elliptical that self-generating is worth it to you, by all means spend the extra money, but if it is not try looking elsewhere for a quality elliptical at a much lower cost or an elliptical at the same cost with many more features.