ProForm 18.0 REProForm 18.0 RE

Web Price: $1,499 | Sale Price: $999

This elliptical offers a comfortable workout experience. Along with the comfort, you’re going to receive a challenging workout with the 24 built-in workout apps and iFit compatibility. You’re sure to feel the burn during your comfortable natural strides.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

325 lbs
Stride Length:
20 – 23″
76.5″ L x 27.6″ W x 71.7″ H
**The Proform 18.0RE is no longer available for sale. You can check out all of the new ProForm elliptical machines at the official site. There are many options for you to choose from.

When we last looked Proform was offering limited time free shipping on their ellipticals so take a look when you can to take advantage of that extra savings.

Expert Reviews

“What makes the ProForm 18.0 RE elliptical appealing is the ‘Total-Body Toning Ramp’. This same feature is on Precor commercial ellipticals costing up to $7,000. Obviously a budget ProForm elliptical trainer is nowhere near the quality of a Precor Elliptical, but for a budget elliptical the 18.0 RE has some very attractive features that make it an attractive offer.” – Fitness Equipment Source

“Based on Proform’s use of Precor’s design patent, a solid value at $999. While it has it drawbacks, especially if you are a very overweight person. The 18.0 RE is a very solid choice if you have a $1K budget.” – Treadmill Doctor

“The Proform 18.0 RE has a great look and it has the most important features for families. You will quickly appreciate the longer stride length and the incline ramp will allow you to challenge yourself on a daily basis.” -Elliptical Machine Reviews

User Reviews

“Received eliptical yesterday. It took my husband and me about 4 hours to put together. Got up and exercised on it this morning. Overall I felt it was close to gym quality. I am very satisfied with this eliptical machine for the price I paid. Been exercising in the gym for last two years, it’s great to come home and exercise.” – ProForm customer

“This machine rocks! I know it is not commercial grade but in close to a month with several household members using it for at least an hour or more each day (combined), there has not been any major problems. There was a squeak the second day of use coming from the roller under the foot pad. This was easily solved with the white grease included.” – ProForm customer

“Took and hour and a half to put together. I had absolutely no problems with manual and parts.As far as using the machine I’m still reviewing, but no squeaks unless you weigh over 200lbs!! Electronics and LCD screen appear good and easy to use. MP3 interface works ok, but it’s not a Bose! Fan also works ok, but does not blow you off the machine. Not bad for a middle of the road machine.” – Sears customer


The ProForm 18.0 RE is a quality built machine that comes equipped with many features to ensure you get a killer workout. Many users complained of squeaks, although they were easily fixed using the grease lubrication provided for assembly, so be sure to lube up all moveable parts to avoid this. Also some complained of the fan and speakers both not being powerful enough, so if either of these are of importance to you this may be something you want to consider.

Other than that there were many positive reviews for the ProForm 18.0 RE elliptical trainer, as many raved of the Total-Body Toning Ramp that inclines up to 40degrees and adjusts your stride length from 20 to 23″ targeting every muscle in the body to give you a total-body workout. Overall the ProForm 18.0 RE will not let you down at under $1000 for a heavy-duty built elliptical packed with amazing features.

As we mention above, this elliptical is no longer available for sale. You can check out all the newest Proform ellipticals on the manufacturer’s site.