ProForm Carbon E7 style=ProForm Carbon E7

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The E7 is the top of the line Carbon Series elliptical from ProForm, with 19″ adjustable stride, 20 degrees of inline and a 7″ Smart HD touch screen.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.5 / 5.0

325 lbs
Stride Length:
68.5″L x 25″W x 67.75″H

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ProForm Carbon E7 – Overview

The Carbon E7 is the new top level elliptical in the Carbon Series, the latest offerings from ProForm, joining the entry level Hybrid Series and the top-of-the-line Pro Series. If you want a step up from the basic elliptical, allowing you to get a gym level workout without the steep price tag, the Carbon E7 may be the perfect choice.

Like the rest of ProForm’s current lineup, the E7 comes with iFit, a membership based interactive program that gives you access to unlimited trainer led workouts, outdoor trails via Google maps, workout tracking, sharing and much more.

Let’s jump into our Carbon E7 review to see all that it has to offer and how it stands up to ProForm’s other ellipticals…

Best Features

Great Workout Options

Whether you choose to adjust your resistance and incline settings yourself with the QuickSpeed buttons on the console or let one of iFit’s many professional trainers do it for you, the Carbon E7 offers more flexibility than ever when it comes personalization.

With a staggering 24 resistance levels, 4 more than you get on the mid-level Carbon EX, as well as incline adjustment up to 20˚, you can easily match any kind of terrain to maximize your workout.

Not only does this give you a more realistic, interactive experience when using one of the many trail options available via iFit, but it can also help you to target individual muscle groups and reach specific fitness goals.

7” Smart HD Touchscreen

Unlike the base Carbon EL and mid-level Carbon EX model, the Carbon E7 comes with a 7″ Smart HD touchscreen built in.

This lets you take full advantage of the iFit experience whether you are following along with a studio class or enjoying one of the many trail workouts from around the globe via integrated Google map technology.

You can also access all of your workout stats with a simple swipe so that everything you need is literally at the tip of your fingers. No need to incorporate your smartphone or tablet as you can access everything you need directly from the E7 console itself.

19” Power Adjustable Stride

When you ramp up the incline on the Carbon E7, you can also adjust your foot position to maximize comfort. This enables users of all sizes to get the most out of their workout by targeting and toning specific muscles groups and enjoying full stride length.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Built-in EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate Sensors in the handlebars make it easy to keep track of your heart rate and stay in your ideal zone. Each family member can measure the effectiveness of their workout and monitor their progress over time, which helps to provide motivation and keep you going.

Other Great Features

Along with the 7″ Smart HD Toucshreen, 24 resistance levels, up to 20˚ incline adjustment, 19” power adjustable stride and built-in heart rate monitoring, the E7 also gives you a 25-lb effective inertia-enhanced flywheel for the smoothest possible movement, adjustable oversized cushioned foot pads, soft touch upper body grips, a built-in CoolAire workout fan with two speed settings, an auxiliary port with dual 2” speakers, water bottle holder, transport wheels and oversized adjustable leveling feet.

ProForm Carbon E7 Elliptical – Test Drive

We were excited to see how the new Carbon Series compared to the previous Endurance Series which we really liked, so we couldn’t wait to give the top level Carbon E7 a test drive.

As far as main features are concerned, the Carbon E7 is almost exactly the same as the Endurance 920 E, which was the previous top of the line model. With its 7” Smart HD touchscreen it definitely provides a step up from the basic yet functional 6″ or 5” LED displays on the mid-level EX and base EL, respectively.

As with the other Carbon models, you can change your resistance levels and incline seamlessly with the touch of a button or have one of the iFit trainers do it for you automatically so that your workout is not interrupted.

The 24lb. flywheel on the E7 gives it an even smoother feel than the EX, which has a 20 lb. flywheel or the EL with its 15 lb. flywheel, but the difference isn’t huge. Still, I found the extra weight definitely made for a more enjoyable workout experience, without the choppiness common to so many ellipticals.

Of course, what really makes all of ProForm’s ellipticals stand out from the competition is the iFit program, which is only available on ProForm or sister company NordicTrack’s equipment. While it does require a subscription, the iFit has so much to offer that it is well worth the cost. And as of this writing the company was actually giving away the Carbon E7 for free with a 3 year iFit Family Membership. Not sure if that deal will still be in place by the time you read this review.

Unlike the EX and EL ellipticals, which require you to access the iFit program on your tablet or smartphone, the E7 allows direct access through the Smart HD Touchscreen, making it even more convenient. It was simple to access the iFit library with just a few swipes and then I had the ability to choose from a number of workouts for any fitness level, from in studio classes to real world trails and even workout programs that let you go off-machine to get a more complete experience. You can do cross training, stretching, yoga and more with their ever-expanding library of live and on-demand workouts.

iFit is continually updating their list of workouts so it easy for every member of the family to find something that suits their individual needs. Some of the trainers are more intense than others, for those who need an extra push of motivation, though I personally prefer the ones with a more laid back approach.

The in-studio sessions are similar to the content that Peloton is famous for, but there is something to be said for using Google maps to choose a scenic location from anywhere in the world and getting a realistic outdoor experience. With its wide variety of choices the possibilities are just about endless.

In general, I found the ProForm Carbon E7 to be comfortable to use and easy to move with the front mounted transport wheels. The power adjustable stride was particularly impressive, making it simple to adjust to the proper foot position. I also appreciated the built-in dual speed CoolAire fan, which isn’t available on the EX or EL models.

Carbon E7 Review – Final Thoughts

All told, we definitely like what we see from the Carbon E7 and the rest of the Carbon Series. There is plenty of variety to keep your workouts interesting, it’s easy to adjust incline and resistance to maximize your results and like all of ProForm’s models, it’s built for comfort too. Not only can you get a good workout, but the variety of iFit’s offerings helps to stimulate motivation, which is the key to keep you going.

If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, the ProForm Pro Series ellipticals are sturdier and more durable, designed for more intense training. But if you’re looking for a solid workout with many of the same features that you’d get at the gym, then you can’t go wrong with the Carbon E7.

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