ProForm Carbon EX EllipticalProForm Carbon EX

Web Price: $1199 | Sale Price: $999

A new elliptical with plenty of resistance levels, power incline and endless workout options, the EX is a step up from the base EL and a solid choice for home use.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

325 lbs
Stride Length:
68.5″L x 25″W x 67.75″H

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ProForm Carbon EX – Overview

The Carbon EX is the new mid-range elliptical in the Carbon Series, a step up from the base Hybrid Series and a step below the top-of-the-line Pro Series. If you’re looking for something considerably more advanced than a basic elliptical, yet don’t want to spend a lot money, the Carbon EX just might be the ideal trainer for you.

Let’s jump into our review, starting with the standout features and moving on to our test drive….

Best Features

Incline Training Capability

Just like its little brother, the ProForm Carbon EL, the EX model gives you up to 20 degrees of incline capability. This gives you the opportunity to ramp up your cardio training and also target muscle groups in your legs that you wouldn’t typically be targeting without an incline.

Note that many ellipticals don’t come with incline, and if they do it’s often just 10 or 15 degrees. Having 20 degrees here opens things up and gives you more training options.

Lots of Workout Programs

One thing that you’ll never complain about with a ProForm elliptical is the amount of workouts you can access. The built in iFit functionality offers you an endless library of both on-demand and live classes led by certified personal trainers. You can literally choose a different workout every day, or several times a day, and not do the same workout twice.

The coolest part is that the resistance levels are automatically adjusted to match the program you have selected, so you can really get the most out of your workouts. You can train on or off the machine, and you can also choose destinations anywhere in the world via Google maps. Plus iFit offers you tracking and sharing so you always know where you’re at and what you need to work on going forward to reach your fitness goals.

Numerous Resistance Levels

In addition to all of the workout programs you get up to 20 resistance levels, 2 more than you get on the base EL, so even if you’re just using the machine manually you can select the ideal resistance level and try to build up over time as you get used to the machine and build up strength. Transitions from one level to the next are seamless and noise free with the company’s Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR).

Heart Rate Monitoring

You can keep track of your heart rate and ensure that you’re in your ideal zone with the built-in grip sensors in the handlebars. This is a good way to measure how effectively you’re training, and you can keep tabs over time to see how your fitness level is improving.

Other Great Features

On top of the incline capability, workout programs, resistance levels and heart rate monitoring, you also get a 6″ display to view your stats, a 20-lb flywheel for smooth operation, adjustable oversized foot pads, soft touch grips, tablet holder, speakers, water bottle holder and transport wheels.

ProForm Carbon EX Elliptical – Test Drive

The new Carbon Series replaced the previous Endurance Series which we really liked, so we were excited to try these new models out to see what they were all about. We gave the base EL elliptical a test drive, and then we hopped on this one to see how it compared.

The Carbon EX is very similar to the model that it replaced, both in feel and in features and capabilities. It has a basic yet functional 6″ LED display, a little larger than the 5″ one on the base EL. If you prefer a touch screen look at the top-of-the-series Carbon E7.

You can change your resistance levels and incline with the touch of a button, rather than having to go up one by one as you do on many home ellipticals.

Transition from one level to the next is relatively seamless and the machine is quiet. The 20 lb. flywheel on the EX makes the motion a tad smoother than the 15 lb. flywheel on the EL, but it’s not a noticeable difference.

The main highlight here, as on all of the ProForm ellipticals, is the iFit program, only found on ProForm and sister company NordicTrack’s cardio machines. It does require a subscription, but in our opinion it’s well worth it given all that it has to offer. You access the iFit program via Bluetooth using your tablet or phone, and as we mentioned above you can choose from a vast library of workouts for any fitness level.

The list of workouts is always growing, so you can definitely find trainers and workouts that appeal to you. There are some super intense personal trainers, and some more laid back ones (I prefer the latter!) so we recommend trying as many as you can to find someone or multiple trainers that you enjoy working out with. Some people prefer the in-studio sessions, kind of like what Peloton is most know for, but we prefer choosing a location via Google maps and having that outdoor workout experience. It’s all personal preference and of course we are all different.

Overall the ProForm Carbon EX is a good choice for your home, and won’t break the bank. Still, it’s geared towards moderate use by one or two users. If you’re someone who works out all the time, or multiple users will be on it regularly, we would recommend looking at the Pro Series as well. Just as a frame of reference for a few hundred dollars more you can get the ProForm Pro 9.9, which gives you a longer stride, more resistance levels, a heavier flywheel and heavier maximum user weight capacity. So that’s something to consider.

But if you don’t need a more durable machine, then the Carbon EX might just be the way to go.

Carbon EX Review – Final Thoughts

We definitely like the Carbon EX and the rest of the Carbon Series here at Elliptical Review Guru. You get endless workouts, incline capability, a lot of resistance levels and plenty of comfort features as well. It has just about everything you need to get a good workout in, and the variety through iFit will keep you excited and motivated to work out.

Again, if you prefer a touch screen like you usually see at the health club, look at the Carbon E7 model with its 7″ Smart HD display. Also if you want something more advanced, look at the up-level Pro Series, which are sturdier, more durable ellipticals built for more intense training.

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