ProForm HIIT TrainerProForm HIIT Trainer

Web Price: $2143 | Sale Price: $999

A new type of hybrid elliptical machine that goes head to head with the popular Bowflex Max Trainer. Offering high intensity interval training for maximum results.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.5 / 5.0

350 lbs
Stride Length:
66.7″ L x 29.25″ W x 52″ H

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Overview: The HIIT Trainer is the newest exercise machine from ProForm, offering, as the name suggests, high intensity interval training for maximum results in a set amount of time. You can burn more calories and reach your fitness goals faster.

UPDATE: It looks like the ProForm HIIT Trainer is now called the Carbon HIIT H7…it’s just a name change, everything else remains the same so this review still applies.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting features on the new ProForm HIIT Trainer…

Targeted HIIT Workouts

High intensity interval training is becoming more and more popular these days, as research shows you can achieve better results with this type of workout, both during and after your session. The CardioHIIT gives you 32 built in workout apps, which is a ton, as well as 24 different resistance levels to choose from. So you can really change up your workout from one day to the next and challenge yourself.

iFit Technology

(Look for periodic sales where the ProForm HIIT Trainer is FREE with an iFit subscription!)

A hallmark of ICON Health & Fitness, the manufacturer of ProForm, NordicTrack and other popular brands, the HIIT Trainer features iFit Coach, giving you even more customized workouts, automatic fitness tracking and Google map integration so you can workout anywhere in the world you choose. It requires a yearly subscription, but it is nominal and well worth it for all of the capabilities you get.

Smooth, Natural Path

You get a 10″ vertical path and a 5″ horizontal path, just like on the up-level HIIT Trainer Pro, giving you a nice freedom of movement while minimizing impact on your knees and joints. The pedals themselves are large and very well cushioned for enhanced comfort.

Space Friendly Design

The machine is under 67″ long so it is much shorter than your typical elliptical machine. It’s under 30″ wide and 52″ high, which means it will easily fit into most home gyms.

The ProForm HIIT Trainer Test Drive

These machines are relatively new, and we finally got to test one out after trying to get a hold of one for some time. We tried the HIIT Trainer base model. There is also a Pro version which has a heavier flywheel, a touch screen display rather than a backlit one, and a few other additional features.

This hybrid elliptical, as it is called, competes head to head with the popular Bowflex Max Trainer, which looks different but is similar in the way it works and the type of workout it offers.

The ProForm HIIT Trainer is about the same price than the M3 Max Trainers, and the Pro version is a little less expensive than the mid level M6 Max Trainer.

The reason for this price difference is due to the fact that the ProForm versions offer more features. For example, you get 24 resistance levels and 32 workouts.

Even the top of the line M8 offers only 20 resistance levels and 11 workouts.

But getting back to our review of the HIIT trainer, it feels very smooth and natural. Of course it takes some getting used to, especially if you haven’t used a stepper or an elliptical in some time. But after a few minutes, it feels really good.

There are plenty of workouts to choose from between the ones on the machine and the ones you can access if you choose to subscribe to iFit…which you should. It’s currently less than $200 per year, and they sometimes offer free 30 day trials.

Note: If you see a SMART designation, that means they are offering one year of iFit for free. You’ll see this on select ProForm ellipticals and treadmills.

With iFit Coach, you can use your tablet or phone and choose a map of any location in the world and watch it unfold in front of you as you work out. It’s a pretty cool feature that takes some of the focus off the fact that you are doing high intensity interval training. It also makes the time pass much faster.

You can go from one resistance level to the next very easily and smoothly. As we mentioned you have 24 to choose from, so if you are a newbie you can start low and work your way up.

You can also track your workouts with iFit so you can see your progress as the weeks go by and set goals for yourself.

The HIIT trainer features multi grip handlebars, iPod audio for your music, a CoolAire workout fan with two settings, water bottle holder and transport wheels.

All in all, if HIIT is your thing, this is a very good option. You have plenty of workouts plus features to help keep you motivated and excited about using the machine.

ProForm HIIT Trainer Review – Final Thoughts

The ProForm HIIT Trainer is a solid choice for those looking for a way to burn a lot of calories in a set amount of time.

It offers more features and capabilities than the popular Max Trainers from Bowflex, and it is about the same price as the base model M3. You might want to give those a look as well.

As more people are moving to hybrid machines, this one might just become one of the most popular machines in ProForm’s lineup. Only time will tell.

You can find out more information as well as see special sale pricing here.