ProForm PRO 16.0 NE

Web Price: $2,499 | Sale Price: $1,499

A powerful, easily set up cardio machine with iFit, free heart rate chest strap and heavy flywheel for quiet, smooth workouts.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

375 lbs
Stride Length:
20″ adjustable
80.3″ L x 25.7″ W x 64.4″ H

UPDATE: The Pro 16.0 NE was replaced by the new Pro 16.9. Check out our review here.

Overview: The PRO 16.0 NE is a top-of-the-line front-drive elliptical trainer from ProForm. One of the highest rated machines in its class, the 16.0 NE is completely stacked with a wide array of features.

Here are some of the standout features from our full ProForm PRO 16.0 NE review…

Full Color Touchscreen

The PRO 16.0 comes with a brilliant full-color 7″ touchscreen display, which is a standout feature in most high-end machines from ProForm. It displays a variety of workout stats like time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate.

The console is fully web enabled and comes with an Android browser. You can check your email, read your favorite blogs, watch inspirational workout videos, and catch up with your friends on Facebook or Twitter while you sweat it out.

Adjustable Features

Many of the features in the ProForm PRO 16.0 elliptical are customizable. For instance, you can adjust the angle of the incline ramp from zero to 20 degrees. It allows you to target different muscle groups like thighs, hams, and calves.

The stride length can be increased up to 20”.

The heel-to-toe angle of the foot pedal can also be adjusted for greater stability during your workout sessions.

Innovative Workout Sessions with iFit Live

The machine is iFit enabled, which adds a completely new dimension to your workouts. Using iFit Live, you can create customized workout programs that can help you reach your fitness goals quickly or choose from a library of workout programs designed by certified trainers.

You can use Google Maps to choose any terrain or running track from anywhere in the world and the machine will adjust the features automatically to simulate the chosen terrain. So you can virtually run anywhere in the entire world and see it unfold in front of you.

You can also get feedback on your workout sessions and compare your progress with others from the iFit community to stay motivated.

Gym-like Workout Experience

The ProForm PRO 16.0 NE comes loaded with 40 workout programs designed by experienced fitness professionals. You can choose any program you want at the touch of a button and the machine will automatically adjust the incline of the ramp and the resistance level.

You can also increase or decrease the intensity of your workout sessions by changing the resistance level. There are 26 levels – starting from the easiest to the toughest. Thanks to ProForm’s patented magnetic resistance technology, the shift from one level to another is silent, smooth, and frictionless.

The machine has built-in sensors in the handlebars to monitor your heart rate. There is a wireless chest strap as well, which continuously transmits your heart rate data to the console while you work out. It helps you keep track of your heart rate and makes your workout sessions more productive.

The machine also has multi-position upper body grips which allow you to exercise your arms, shoulders, and back and get a total body workout every time you step on the machine.

Multimedia Entertainment

There is a built-in tablet holder right above the console, where you can attach your tablet and access your files and watch your favorite videos.

There is an iPod compatible music player with speakers. You can plug in your MP3 player into the port and jam to your favorite tracks while working out.

Also, as mentioned above, the touchscreen console is fully web enabled. So, you have plenty of options in terms of multimedia entertainment.

Very User Friendly

The PRO 16.0 NE also scores highly in terms of user friendliness. The machine comes pretty much fully assembled out of the box and can be set up in minutes. The console is very easy to use as well and you can navigate through the stats at the touch of a button.

Sturdy and Solid

The machine is very sturdy. It has a weight capacity of 375 lbs. This, combined with the fact that it has adjustable stride, makes it an ideal choice for taller, heavier users. It also features a heavy-duty 32 lb flywheel for increased stability.


The PRO 16.0 NE is quite heavy. So, moving it from one place to another can be difficult, even with the transport wheels. With an 80” footprint, it is not exactly compact either. So, prior to purchase, make sure you have enough room for the machine.

The price tag is likely to raise an eyebrow or two as well, but the machine offers great value for the money. It is solidly built and is packed with some great features. The only other machine that is comparable to the PRO 16.0 in terms of features is NordicTrack E 16.9, which not surprisingly has a similar price tag.

Final Thoughts

The PRO 16.0 NE is a sturdy, high-quality cross trainer that stands out from most other machines in its class. It is filled to the brim with amazing features and comes with the best warranty coverage (lifetime frame, six-year parts, and three-year labor). So, despite the slightly high price tag, it is still an excellent buy and well worth spending your money on.

If you’re interested in purchasing the new ProForm PRO 16.0 NE you can check it out on the official site, as well as take a look at other elliptical offerings.