ProForm PRO 12.0 NE EllipticalProForm PRO 12.0 NE

Web Price: $1,999 | Sale Price: $1299

A well-priced option from ProForm with a heavy flywheel, 20″ stride, power incline and more.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.5 / 5.0

350 lbs
Stride Length:
20″ adjustable
80.3″ L x 25.7″ W x 64.4″ H

UPDATE: The Pro 12.0 is no longer available, replaced by the Pro 12.9. Read the review here.

Overview: The PRO 12.0 NE is a front-drive elliptical trainer from ProForm. The second machine in the company’s PRO Series, the 12.0 NE is designed to offer you a comprehensive, gym-like workout experience right from the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the highlights of our ProForm PRO 12.0 NE review…

Easy to Assemble

The machine comes fully assembled. You can set it up in a couple of steps and start using it right away. This is one area where the PRO 12.0 outshines most other machines in its class. With other machines, you might need at least an hour or two to put together everything. With some high-end machines, you might even need professional help for installation and assembly. With the PRO 12.0, all you need is a few minutes, even if you are not a mechanically-inclined person.

Web-Enabled Touchscreen Display

The 7″ full-color touchscreen display is beautiful. It highlights all the stats you need to keep track of your workout sessions. It is also fully web enabled, which means you can check your email, browse the web, or catch up with your friends on social networking sites while you work out. It is an excellent addition to the machine and makes your workouts a lot more interesting and enjoyable.

Adjustable Features

The stride length, incline ramp, and the pedals can all be adjusted to suit the needs of multiple users. So, everyone in the family can use the same machine and enjoy a thoroughly satisfying workout.

Multiple Workout Program Options

There are 32 built-in workout programs. You can browse through the options and choose a program that suits your needs perfectly.

The machine is also iFit compatible. You can choose any place in the world using Google Maps and the machine will simulate the terrain by adjusting the incline automatically. You can also access the workout library and choose workout programs that will help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Another advantage with the PRO 12.0 NE is that the iFit wireless technology is built-in. There is no need to buy a separate module. The annual iFit membership, however, is not included with the package.

The upper body workout arms are sturdy and easy to grip. They work your upper body and help you burn more calories.

Like most ProForm machines, the PRO 12.0 comes with a heart rate monitoring tool. The built-in sensors in the handlebars help you keep track of your heart rate while you work out. The wireless chest strap, which is included with the machine, transmits the data related to your heart rate to the console. You can keep an eye on it to make sure you stay ‘in the zone’ during your workout. It will not only help you stay focused, but also help you reach your fitness goals quickly.


The PRO 12.0 NE comes with an integrated tablet holder and an iPod-compatible music system. Also, the touchscreen display, as mentioned above, is fully web enabled. So, there are plenty of options available to keep you entertained during your workout sessions.

Stacked with Features

The machine also has plenty of other features including a cooling fan, water bottle holder, transport wheels, and leveling feet. The 30 lb. flywheel offers plenty of stability.

Those are most of the great features we came across during our ProForm PRO 12.0 NE review….but of course, there are always some drawbacks as well. With an 80” footprint, the PRO 12.0 NE is not exactly space-friendly (although it’s part of the space saving series). Especially considering the fact that its sister model, the PRO 9.0 only has a 65” footprint.

Other than that, we really have no complaints about this elliptical machine.

Final Thoughts

With a sturdy build, adjustable features, and user-friendly design, the PRO 12.0 NE is designed to meet the fitness needs of novices and fitness freaks alike. It is definitely one of the very best machines available in this price range.

You can check out the new ProForm PRO 12.0 NE as well as the other models on the series on the official company site.

UPDATE: This model has been discontinued. Check out the latest models and special sale pricing here.