It’s been a few years since our first Reebok elliptical reviews, and due to their rising popularity and several requests from our visitors we decided to give the brand another look. Once considered the low end of the Icon Fitness family of ellipticals, Reebok has stepped up its game a bit and now offers some decent machines.reebok-fitness-logo

Let me start off by pointing out that the Reebok fitness machines are not associated with the sneaker that you used to pump up when you were a kid. Yes it is the same name with the same logo, but it is simply licensed by Icon Fitness to use as one of their brands. So don’t associate the two when you are making your purchasing decision.

Reebok Fitness currently offers a lot of ellipticals to choose from, all priced in the range of $799-$1,999. On the lower end you have the 710 (rear drive) and 1000x (front drive) elliptical. You then have the 910 (front drive), the T 7.90 (rear drive), the Stride Select RL 6.0 (rear drive) and the Super Ramp RL 7.0 (rear drive), all at around $999. At the top of the line is the 1210 and the RL1500.

You can find them for sale at several retail outlets including Kohl’s, Sears, Modell’s and Walmart as well as online at places like Amazon. You can usually get better deals when you’re buying online.

The model naming system is a little confusing which makes Reebok elliptical reviews a little more cumbersome than they should be. They also have a mix of front drive and rear drive models. But we waded our way through all of the different models to give you a clearer picture of what you are getting.

reebok-rl1500-ellipticalAll of the models come with at least 20 workouts, heart rate monitoring, the ability to plug in your music player, a cool fan. Unfortunately the company does not provide any specs for the machines on their website, so you have to dig a little deeper if you want to find out specific information.

We took a look over at Amazon where they sell a lot of ellipticals to see if they had the specs. We found the base model 710 available, so that should give you a basic idea of what to expect on all of the Reebok models. The 710 has a 20-22″ adjustable stride which is really good for a machine at that price. It has incline capability, soft touch grips and oversized cushion pedals. That’s about all we could find out.

When it comes to user Reebok elliptical reviews there are currently 3 at Amazon for the 710, all 1 star. Not so good. Some construction issues.

They also carry the 910 model, which has a heavier flywheel (smoother/quieter) and more incline capability. Again, 3 reviews and all 1 star. Users cited loud noise and breaking parts. The 1210 trainer fared a little bit better, but it should for that price. It offers a few more features than the other models. It received one 3 star rating and 1 2 star rating, citing the quality of the machine as the main issue.

We looked on many of the other retail sites where the Reebok ellipticals are sold, but couldn’t find any additional reviews anywhere.

So what’s the bottom line?

We’re currently waiting on two new models that we are going to test drive for you, one at the low end and one at the high end to get a good feel for the machines that they offer. Once we have tried them out we will let you know for sure if you should consider buying one of these machines.

At this point though we definitely would not recommend a Reebok elliptical simply because there are so many other models to choose from in this price range from safer choices such as NordicTrack and ProForm (also Icon brands) as well as Sole, Smooth, Xterra and Yowza. These brands are much more popular, more transparent, have more expert and user reviews to peruse, are easier to compare, among other reasons.

When you can’t find any happy customers, it’s probably safe to say that the product is not so great. All we’ve come across so far during our Reebok elliptical reviews are negative comments about the construction and durability.

But again, whether or not to buy one of these elliptical trainers is up to you. Check back with us often as we’ll be reviewing two Reebok ellipticals shortly. That should help you make a more informed decision.