Sole E20Sole E20

Web Price: $1,399 | Sale Price: $799

This Sole’s cheapest elliptical newly introduced in 2013 with the latest model update in 2015. Sold exclusively at Sears and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 2.0 / 5.0

325 lbs
Stride Length:
69″ L x 24″ W x 61″ H

UPDATE: The Sole E20 is no longer available, replaced by the new Sole E25, one of the best entry level ellipticals on the market. Check out our review.

Expert Reviews

There aren’t too many reviews of the Sole E20, as it is not as popular as some of their other models, including the E35 and E95, both of which have a lot more to offer and have won numerous awards. Most do agree however that at $799 it’s a pretty solid machine, although there are some newer models from other manufacturers hitting the market that give the E20 a run for its money.

User Reviews

We typically go to Amazon for our user reviews but given that this model is only sold at Sears (and now Dick’s) we took a look at the feedback there. We’re not too familiar with how unbiased these reviews actually are, but there were 77 Sole E20 reviews on the site when we checked for an average of 4 stars out of 5. You have 45 people giving it 5 stars, 17 giving it 4, a few at 3 and 2 stars, and 11 at one star. Not so bad at all.

The positive reviews focused on the many settings for incline and resistance, the quietness, the price point, the different workouts and ease in putting it together out of the box.

Some of the negatives have to do with faulty parts, some squeaking, wheels falling off and some taller users were not entirely comfortable with the 18″ stride. (Note that if you are very tall you’ll appreciate the motion better if the stride is longer). However on the lower price range elliptical trainers, you’re going to typically have shorter strides and construction is not going to be as good as that on a $1000 plus model.

Guru Test Drive

We tried out the Sole E20 a few times and thought it was pretty good. We too weren’t entirely comfortable with the 18″ stride, but it should be OK for most average size users. Our model seemed to be constructed well but we did hear a tiny bit of squeaking, but not enough for it to interrupt our workout. We liked the bottle holder and the built in fan as we were working out in a very hot room. We also liked the 20 different incline levels and the fact that we could play our music through the speakers.

If we had to choose one Sole elliptical our reviews would probably lead us to the E35 or E95 which seem to compare more favorably to other ellipticals in the price range, but for the money the E20 is not a bad choice by any stretch. We thought the workout was very good, far better than we’ve experienced on some sub $1000 models and certainly better than most in the $500 or $600 range.


The Sole E20 is a decent entry level elliptical machine for the beginner. If you plan to use it a few times a week for an hour or so you’ll be happy with this elliptical. Make sure you test it out after you put it together and make sure everything is aligned properly and in working order. That way you can contact the company if you have any issues with the wheel alignment or anything else and get it taken care of.

UPDATE: The Sole E20 is no longer available. You can check out the entire Sole lineup here for more info and special sales.