The Sole E55 Elliptical Review — Another Sole Home Run under $1500


Happy nearly New Year to you, my loyal readers. Things have been hectic here at the DOJO and we’re expanding over where we were last year. Thankfully, Icon Health & Fitness has been great at marketing and selling its crappy low-end equipment. Their expansion has fueled ours! As a business man, I love the fact that people are buying bad equipment which will end up in our shop for repairs, but as a member of the fitness community I hate the fact they are roping people in to buying their crap.

Luckily, there are still a few companies out there putting out some great equipment. Horizon, Smooth, SportsArt and Sole are all great and I love the fact I don’t get their units in the DOJO very often at all.

Speaking of Sole, one of the great and top rated ellipticals of the last year or so has been the Sole E55. The E55 is a great replacement for the truly horrendous Sole E89 elliptical from a couple of years ago which was based on a Reebok design. Sole got wise after what must have been an insane number of complaints about how uncomfortable the old unit was, and moved on to producing the best buy elliptical under $1500 in the E55.

UPDATE: This is an older review. Check out our latest Sole E55 review here.

I’ve actually worked on about 20 of the Sole E55s over the past few months and Sole has done an excellent job in their design. In an attempt to get rid of some of the holiday pounds I’ve gained over the past 2 weeks, I decided to give one of the new Sole E55 ellipticals a good workout and go over the review here.

The first thing you notice when getting on the Sole E55 is just how sturdy the thing is. The unit weighs more than I do and it feels great to work out on. The E55 weighs in at just under 200 pounds and has a monster 30 pound flywheel.

As the pedals start moving, the 20″ stride and Sole’s famous articulating footpads make the ride smooth and comfortable. The articulating (and adjustable) footpads are set just right to give your feet a natural feel and keep your circulation going. If you’ve ever been on an old style elliptical such as the Tunturi, then you know how horrible it feels when your feet get all tingly from the poor circulation the units give you. Another great piece is Sole’s 2% incline on their pedals which feels much more natural than most other elliptical trainers in the E55’s price range.

I ran an hour workout program on the Sole E55 and could have gone on for a lot longer. The unit gives you a good number of programs, 10, but most owners will rarely use more than 3-4 of them. The 20 resistance levels are where the unit shines. They give you a lot of room to work and fine tune your workout.

If you’re looking for a much more reliable and solidly built version of the Spirit XE350 then you absolutely must check out the Sole E55 elliptical. In addition to the higher quality Sole customer service and support, the design of the Sole E55 will fit in a bit better with most rooms. That’s not important to guys like me, but for our wives who make the decisions it can be a deal maker!

A little advice on these units (and any ellipticals with chrome rails): make sure to keep the rails lubricated. You’ll thank me for it. With proper lubrication not only will the unit run almost completely silent, but it will last a lot longer without needing maintenance. Adding the lubricant is as easy as squirting a bit on your finger (or a rag) and running in along the rear bars.

The company has done an excellent job with the Sole E55, the Sole E55 gets 4.5 out of 5 golden buddahs. This one of the best buy ellipticals on the market today.

The Sole E55 Elliptical is another 4.5 gold buddahs out of 5 winner.

Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Specifications
Stride: 20″
Max Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
Resistance Levels: 16
Hear Rate Control: Yes
Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Heart Rate Control: Yes
Programs: 10
Flywheel: 30 lbs.
Display Type: LCD
Features: fans and water bottle holder
Grade: Residential
Product Size: 67″L x 24″W x 35″H
Product Weight: 190 lbs.