Vision Fitness Logo Vision Fitness, part of Johnson Health Tech, started in 1993 and is based in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Twenty plus years later, Vision has over 50 awards under their belt for their remarkable machines.

Vision Fitness ellipticals fall under three categories: Traditional, Suspension and Commercial. Traditional machines, the most affordable of the three, have a front-drive design that is smaller in size to make great at-home machines. Suspension machines use an inventive suspension design that Vision was the first to use and a heavy flywheel to ensure the highest stability and smoothness. Commercial machines are the heavy-duty ellipticals and use a self-generator for the “green” energy saving costs.

Vision Fitness ellipticals have many bells and whistles…you can customize your machine to include adjustable stride lengths, several different console options and an LED touch screen.

What do the experts say about these cardio machines?

Vision Elliptical Trainer Pros

Vision Fitness Elliptical Trainer
Console options: The machines come with a variety of different console options to fit different user needs and wants.

Incline: Some of the machines have adjustable incline options to make for a more challenging workout.

Flywheel: The 23 pound flywheel that is mainly on the suspension model makes the machine more stable and smooth than other brands.

Suspension design: The unique suspension system for their Suspension machines have been raved about as their best machines for their smoothness and durability.

Well-made: The design and steel frame makes their machines long-lasting and gives users the sturdy base they desire.

Warranty: With lifetime frame, 7 year parts and 2 years labor, Vision Fitness ellipticals offer one of the best warranties you’ll find from any of the major brands.

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Vision Elliptical Trainer Cons

Price: The Suspension and Commercial lines have a hefty price tag associated with them. As such they are not the most affordable option for the home user.

Lack of customization: This is solely for the Traditional line, because it does not have an adjustable stride length.

Current Vision Elliptical Models to Choose From

UPDATE: As of the end of 2017, only three Suspension series ellipticals remain. You now have the S60, the S70 and the S7100. The S7200 is no longer available.

The current Vision elliptical lineup consists of two traditional models and four suspension models. You have the XF40, a folding machine and the X40 non-folding model.

You then have the S7100, the S7200, and the S60 and S70 commercial-grade suspension models.

All models are built for home use, and more compact that those from other brands, making them ideal for a smaller residential gym environment.

So what’s the bottom line?

Vision has decades under their belt and countless rewards to show for their great design and overall outstanding machines. They are a reputable company that has built consistently great machines over the years.

Although pricey, I highly recommend the Commercial and Suspension models of Vision Fitness, all great machines that will last you close to a lifetime. You can check out the latest elliptical model lineup at the official Vision website and choose the model which most appeals to you.