Xterra Elliptical Reviews 2021 - Popular FS3.5 TrainerXterra Fitness is one of the top cardio equipment companies and they have an exceptional line of treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and other accessories.

The great thing about Xterra is their lineup is simple and straightforward. Although they do have a lot of models to choose from, you will not be overwhelmed with their selection, allowing you to choose the ideal one much easier than you can with some of the more expansive brands like their sister company Sole or NordicTrack.

All of the machines, even the least expensive ellipticals, are very high quality, and nothing is priced over $900.

Your best bet when it comes to buying one of these ellipticals is to visit the official Xterra Fitness site because they offer special deals throughout the year as well as seasonal sales.

That’s the nice thing about Xterra, though, is that they offer a strong, durable machine for a low price. Xterra is also known for their excellent warranties, including lifetime frame and brake on all models.

The Current Xterra Elliptical Lineup

As of 2022 there are six elliptical models, a few more than we discovered during our last review. You have the base EU100 and EU150 Hybrid Ellipticals, as well as the FS1.5, FS2.5, FS3.0 and FS3.5 Traditional Ellipticals. All of them have these key features: biomechanically correct Q-factor (pedal spacing), oversized cushioned pedals, pedal tilt to reduce stress, and a widescreen, blue backlit LCD Display.

Let’s take a closer look at both models to see how they compare…

Xterra EU100

The base model in the series is a hybrid elliptical/bike that’s compact and easy to use, with a 3.7″ LCD display.

Xterra EU150

The step-up EU150 has all of the features of the EU100, with the addition of 12 preset programs, 5 custom programs and 5 heart rate programs. It also has an MP3 jack and speakers.

Xterra FS150

The base traditional elliptical is the most compact of the series, with a 13″ stride and the same 3.7″ display as the EU100.

Xterra FS1.5

This FS1.5 has a larger 5″ x 2.5″ LCD display, 14 inch stride, 16 resistance levels and 13 workout programs. It has a 250 lb. max weight capacity.

Xterra FS2.5

This FS2.5 gives you 24 resistance levels and 24 workout programs, and can accommodate up to 300 lbs. It also has a more advanced dual color LCD display.

Xterra FS3.0

The FS3.0 jumps up to a 16″ stride from 14″, and has a different design from the lower priced ellipticals.

Xterra FS3.5

The FS3.5 is one of the company’s most popular ellipticals, with the right combination of features and price. It gives you an even longer 17″ stride in addition to all of the capabilities of the other FS models.

Overall, Xterra has strived to build an ergonomically based machine that provides the most comfortable and natural workout for you. This is a great company and all their fitness equipment receives extremely positive customer reviews. They have a great reputation and they will continue to become more popular, especially with their high quality machines and low prices.

If you would like to learn more about the specific models you can check out our Xterra elliptical reviews below.

Xterra Elliptical Reviews

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