Yowza Bonita EllipticalYowza Bonita Elliptical

Web Price: $1,999 | Sale Price: $1,299.99

The Yowza Bonita is a small elliptical with an affordable price. However, it’s really not a big step up from the Largo model, and only has a few extra perks.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 2.5 / 5.0

331 lbs
Stride Length:
51″ L x 24″ W x 67″ H

Expert Reviews

“The Bonita is a super compact converging axis upper body motion (Cardio Core) elliptical machine, with a smooth 18″ long roller-less stride.” – Elliptical Machine Reviews

“We’d give this product an even higher rating if it had more mass. Weighing just 121 pounds, we think it’s hardly the right equipment for a 330-pound person no matter what the box says.” – Elliptical Reviews.net

“Unlike many elliptical handle bars that move back and forth as you stride, the Bonita’s upper arms move side to side to include your abs in your upper body training. This counter-rotational motion is unique to Yowza ellipticals only.” – Treadmills411

User Reviews

There are very few user reviews available at this point for the Yowza Bonita. Of the 3 reviews on Amazon.com, none of them gave the machine a 5 star rating, which should say something. Take a look at the reviews so that you can see for yourself what other users are saying!

“This machine is poorly built, shakes and rattles with with very little force, the IPOD connector does not work (probably due to the violent shaking) and the stride is awkward, putting a lot of pressure on the knees and back. Customer service is a mailbox that is apparently unmanned and now I am stuck with a 130lbs piece of plastic that will never get used again.” -Dulenoted

“The small footprint is a bonus as I live in an apartment. I am a small guy at 5’5” so it works well for me… It does only have an 18″ stride. Understand that I would have prefered it be at least 20″, but good enough for me. Time will tell but so far it’s manageable. I could stand to lose more weight before I make a final assessment on the stride path. If you’re taller than me you could feel uncomfortable as your walking and running gait will be unnatural and choppy (circular VS elliptical).” -bsrisles

“as though certain body parts are made from cheap plastic material..not worth the money. For the price, the company should have used stronger material and stop trying to make it look expensive…because it certainly does not feel so.
But I am still keeping it, definitely not going to waste my time complaining to the company begging for a return/refund. Will use it for a bit, give it away and buy something made from proper material” -Reamos


Like the Largo model, the Yowza Bonita Elliptical is a very small elliptical and thus should only be used by very small people. If you are overweight and looking for a machine to help you shed the pounds, it’s likely that the Bonita won’t stand up to your weight because it only weighs 121 lbs itself. If you are tall, then you won’t want this model either, since it only has an 18” fixed stride length. It does have the unique movement of the cardio core handles, but if the rest of the machine won’t work for you, then that isn’t a good reason to buy. Even though the Bonita’s price is cheap there are ellipticals put out by other companies with far better value.