NordicTrack E5.7NordicTrack E5.7

Web Price: $799 | Sale Price: $599

This elliptical has a lot to offer for its small price tag. You won’t find any ellipticals at this price with these features. The E5.7 comes with iFit Compatibility, 20 resistance levels, 20 workout apps, and an adjustable stride to name a few.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

300 lbs
Stride Length:
18 – 20″
68″ L x 26″ W x 67.2″ H

**UPDATE** The NordicTrack E5.7 elliptical trainer is no longer available and has been replaced for the new year with the improved C7.5 model. It’s slightly more expensive than the E5.7 but given the new features and capabilities, it’s well worth the increase in our opinion.

Check out the new model review here: NordicTrack C7.5 Elliptical Review

Expert Reviews

The experts couldn’t have described this machine better. It is no surprise that this elliptical is so popular. This elliptical will give you your moneys worth, in my opinion.

“This is a quality elliptical, and for a modest price too. It comes with 20 digital resistance levels and 18-20” adjustable stride so that you can customize your workout, making it specific to only you.” – NordicTrackCoupon

“The E5.7 is a solid elliptical if you want a front drive machine on a budget. If you have long legs we would recommend that you not use the incline feature of this machine. It tends to produce a very choppy feel.” – Treadmill Doctor

“The E5.7’s 20 programs give you more options as compared to other ellipticals in this price range that can only offer around 11 programs or less.” – Treadmills 411

User Reviews

All of the users reviews on the NordicTrack page seem to agree that this is a great elliptical. It seems that the low price does not cut back on any of the bells and whistles that people love.

“I’ve been looking for a good elliptical at a reasonable price for some time, when I came across this model. Very glad I did not hesitate in purchasing…I weigh over 250 lbs, and even at that weight, the machine is sturdy as can be, no wobbling whatsoever. I did purchase the Ifit Live accessory, which definitely is a great add on, and the sound system is amazing.” – LadyArwen524 (Tucson, AZ)

“I have a bad knee and bad ankle on the other leg. This is the best machine for me. The owners manual has much to be desired. I still can’t figure out to turn on the fan. I see the little icon – but the directions don’t explain some things about the machine.” – JJ& LJ (Panama City, Florida)

“I am so happy I purchased this Elliptical! We went to several stores trying different ones out before we made a decision. I knew right off that this was the one but just had to make certain. I definitely made the right choice!” – Grtfulldy (Ohio)

“This company has designed an elliptical here that is unsurpassed for the money you spend. Easy to put together, I used two 2 x 4 pieces scrap as my extra help! and had it together in two hours. I will tell you unpacking neatly takes an hour extra and use the bottom of the box as a drop cloth! the only thing I did different was use my own grease!” – Ray (Texas)


The NordicTrack E5.7 is an excellent elliptical for its extremely low price. It is packed with features and specs that make all the money in the world worth it. The great thing is you do not have to put a hole in your pocket with this purchase. NordicTrack has really outdone themselves with this elliptical. This machine has outstanding specs and even better features, and to make this elliptical even more appealing, NordicTrack has added an excellent warranty to back this machine up. I would take advantage of this low price while you can.

**LATEST UPDATE** We just completed a test drive of the new NordicTrack C7.5 model, and we’re definitely impressed with this upgrade of the E5.7. It has a higher weight capacity, 2 additional resistance levels, 26 workout apps and loads of other great features that make it a great choice in the price range.