What Do the 2024 Ellipticals Look Like? Let’s Take a Look!

Every year around this time at Elliptical Review Guru we like to look ahead to see what the next year has in store. Overall, it’s been a very difficult year here in the U.S. and even more so around the world. In the fitness world, and specifically home cardio equipment, sales continue to be slow. With inflation still at play, consumers are tightening the purse strings and only spending money on necessities. Ellipticals and other home gym equipment certainly aren’t necessities. Plus, a large majority of people bought home gym equipment during Covid…so it’ll probably be a few more years before the demand increases significantly.

At any rate, let’s take a look at what 2024 ellipticals will look like. What’s new? What’s carrying over? What can we expect?

Due to the waning demand a lot of manufacturers have consolidated their cardio lineups, offering just a few different machines to choose from, rather than a half dozen or more like they used to. And that’s smart…it reduces inventory, allowing them to focus on a few machines and make sure they have all of the features and capabilities that people are looking for.

Most home cardio equipment brands are offering the same ellipticals going into 2024…however a few actually released new models. So let’s take a look…

NordicTrack Ellipticals For 2024

NordicTrack AirGlide 14i

NordicTrack is one of the brands that recently introduced new ellipticals to their lineup. In addition to the FS10i and FS14i FreeStride trainers, they now offer an AirGlide 7i and AirGlide 14i elliptical.

These two new ellipticals replace the previous Commercial Series, and add new features making them very appealing for the home gym.

The NordicTrack AirGlide 7i has a 7″ touch screen display, incline and decline capability, -5 degrees to +15 degrees. Note that most ellipticals do not offer decline capability, so this is unique and adds a new dimension to your workout. You also get an adjustable stride, Bluetooth, workout fan, and of course the iFit workout program, an immersive experience with on demand and live workouts to choose from.

The NordicTrack AirGlide 14i, which the company released first, has all of the same features as the 7i, except for a larger, 14″ touch screen. Other than that the two are essentially the same elliptical.

So it looks like as of now the 2024 NordicTrack elliptical lineup consists of just four ellipticals: FS10i, FS14i, AirGlide 7i & AirGlide 14i. But if we know NordicTrack, there will be a new machine coming out before long. Stay tuned!

ProForm Ellipticals For 2024

It doesn’t look like anything is new over at ProForm. They do have a new treadmill, but the elliptical lineup is the same. You have the two HIIT Trainers, the Pro HIIT H14, and the Carbon HIIT H10. You then have the Carbon Series, which has been pared down to include the Carbon EL & Carbon E10.

So the 2024 ProForm elliptical lineup also has just four ellipticals at the moment, like sister company NordicTrack.

Sole Ellipticals For 2024

Sole E98 Elliptical

Looking at Sole ellipticals for 2024, there are 5 models remaining: the E25, E35, E95, E95s and top of the line E98.

Although the model names remain the same, Sole did recently significantly upgrade many of them, making them much more appealing feature wise. All models, except for the entry level E25, now have touch screen displays, something missing on Sole ellipticals for a long time. You have WiFi, screen mirroring capability and wireless charging, some really great upgrades from previous models.

All of the Sole ellipticals give you access to the Sole + app, with hundreds of free fitness classes and exercises. This is a great USP, as most of the other fitness brands including NordicTrack, ProForm & Bowflex charge a monthly or yearly fee to tap into their workout programs. With Sole, it’s free.

Horizon Ellipticals For 2024

The story over at Horizon has not changed since our 2023 new elliptical article.

You have the same three Go Series Models, the popular EX-59, Evolve 3 and Evolve 5. Those three models are easy to use…you just hop on and start working out.

There’s one Advanced Series model left, the 7.0 AE. You can access a number of fitness programs, including Peloton, Studio, Zwift and more, making these ellipticals more flexible as far as what you can tap into. Note that NordicTrack and ProForm only work with the company’ iFit technology.

Bowflex Ellipticals For 2024

You may have heard of the Max Trainers, which are Bowflex’s version of elliptical machines. They have been around quite a long time, with a variety of different models to choose from. You can read our Bowflex Max Trainer reviews here.

The Max Trainers are more compact than traditional ellipticals, which makes them a good choice for those with limited room in their home gyms.

Currently, there are four Max Trainers to choose from. You have the new Max Trainer SE, which has a more modern look than the other models. It’s also more affordable. You the have the Max Trainer M6, M9 and top of the line Max Total 16.

As you move up in the lineup you get larger, more advanced screens (the Max Total 16 has the only touch screen), more resistance levels and some added features and capabilities. As far as the workout though all of the Max Trainers are basically the same.

What new features can we expect on 2024 ellipticals?

Elliptical Workout Tracking - iFit Integration

Taking a look at all of the new models as well as the upgraded older models, we notice a few trends….

1. More ellipticals will feature touch screen displays in 2024. NordicTrack and ProForm have offered touch screens on their ellipticals for many years. Now their competitors are jumping on the bandwagon it seems.

Most of the new Sole ellipticals have touch screens…Bowflex introduced a touch screen model. The higher end brands like Matrix, Life Fitness & Precor have also had touch screens on their residential model for a long time.

2. More ellipticals will feature interactive workouts. Again, NordicTrack & ProForm led the way with their iFit workout program, giving you an endless library of on demand and now live workouts as well. Sole has the Sole + app, Bowflex has JRNY, Horizon has the AtZone app. The trend seems to be offering a way for people to choose workouts that they enjoy, on and off the elliptical, to keep them motivated to workout and reach their fitness goals.

The challenge seems to be the free vs paid model. Right now iFit & JRNY are paid memberships. The Sole + & AtZone app is free. NordicTrack & Bowflex have also been changing the length of their free introductory programs. NordicTrack used to offer iFit for free for a full year…now it’s one month. JRNY is currently free for two months. NordicTrack & ProForm have also offered some ellipticals and other cardio equipment free with a 3 year commitment to iFit.

So time will tell if it makes more sense to charge consumers or just offer the workouts for free with purchase.

3. More ellipticals will feature WiFi, Bluetooth & other technology. People like to be connected at all times, and it’s no different when they’re working out. As such, WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity will remain important features on treadmills. Ellipticals with touch screens usually have WiFi, so you can connect to their fitness apps. Those without will have Bluetooth, so you can connect with your phone or tablet. You’ll see more charging capability as well, wireless in some cases, USB/USB-C ports, enhanced audio & other features that people are looking for.

4. More ellipticals will have adjustable consoles. This seems to be another big trend that should continue with 2024 ellipticals. Manufacturers are realizing that it shouldn’t be one size fits all when it comes to console positioning. As such we’re starting to see adjustable screens.

The new NordicTrack ellipticals have tilting screens so you can tap into iFit workouts off the machine as well and still have a good viewing angle. We’re starting to see adjustable consoles elsewhere as well.

5. More ellipticals will have stronger warranties. With such a focus on bells and whistles, the overall quality of ellipticals and other cardio equipment has declined as indicated by the weaker and weaker warranties offered by home exercise equipment brands. For example, NordicTrack and ProForm used to offer lifetime warranties on frames. That slowly changed to 20 years, then 10, then 5. Parts and labor warranties shortened as well.

That seems to be turning around, however, as many of the newer model ellipticals seem to have stronger warranties than their predecessors. Perhaps model consolidation has allowed manufacturers to focus more on the few ellipticals that still remain. It’s important to note that Sole has always offered very strong warranties, as has Horizon Fitness. NordicTrack, ProForm, Bowflex…not so much. But that seems to be changing, which is a great sign.

What’s the Bottom Line?

So far it looks like 2024 will be a good year for ellipticals. Although there aren’t a heck of a lot of new models being released, there does seem to be some great upgrades to current models, making them much more appealing.

You have more touch screens, more interactive workouts, more technology, more adjustability & stronger warranties. That sounds like a good year to me!

Check back with us often throughout the year. We will be adding new models to this overview as they come out.