NordicTrack Elite 10.9 EllipticalNordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical

Web Price: $999 | Sale Price: $999

A front-drive model similar to the C Series models with a 7″ touch screen display, plenty of workouts and iFit Coach technology.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 3.5 / 5.0

350 lbs
Stride Length:
64.8″ L x 24.7″ W x 79.5″ H


The NordicTrack Elite 10.9 is a popular front-drive elliptical trainer due to the amount of features and capabilities you get for a very affordable price.

It’s an older generation model (the new C Series replaced it) but it remains one of the top sellers at retailers like Sears and Amazon.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features, then we’ll get deeper into our review with our test drive…

Plenty of Built in Workouts

The NordicTrack Elite 10.9, like most of the company’s ellipticals, gives you over 30 built in workouts, including hills, intervals, calorie goal, heart centric and more. So there are a lot of different options for you.

Plus, with their patented iFit Coach program, you have access to even more workouts, specially designed by elite personal trainers.

You can literally do a different workout every single day for the rest of your life. 🙂

Impressive Touch Screen Display

One of the hallmarks of the NordicTrack brand is the touch screen displays on many of their upper level models, something rare even on higher priced ellipticals from other companies.

The Elite 10.9, just like the similar C 9.5 elliptical, gives you a 7″ Smart HD touch screen.

You can access the web, watch videos, tap into the iFit programming or do anything else you like to do online. Everything is available to you with the touch of the screen, making for a much more enjoyable experience.

Lots of Adjustability

The Elite 10.9 has an adjustable stride so you can change the length to suit your needs.

You can change the incline level up to 20 degrees to give yourself more of a cardio workout and target different leg muscle groups. The pedals are adjustable as well.

So if you are short, tall or somewhere in between, you can create the perfect fit so you’re comfortable throughout your workout.

Additional Features

On top of all of the workouts, iFit Coach, incline and resistance levels, you get a smooth 20 lb. flywheel, tablet holder, water bottle holder, music port with speakers and grip heart rate monitoring.

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Test Drive

As we mentioned this is an older model, first introduced in late 2015, but still available for sale as of this writing.

The Elite 10.9 elliptical is relatively easy to put together so you could do it yourself. If not you can opt for installation when you order it.

It’s a bit sturdier than some of the lower end models, weighing about 230 lbs. and accommodating up to 350 lbs. It’s not as durable and high end as something you might get from Life Fitness, but for under $1000 on sale you really can’t expect that.

The motion is comfortable…you can adjust the pedals to your liking and change up the stride length with a touch of a button.

You can choose to use the machine manually, ramping up the resistance and incline levels yourself, or you can choose one of the many built in workout programs that are offered. There’s a nice variety there, something for everyone, and you can try different things to see which ones you like and which ones you don’t.

The NordicTrack Elite 10.9 elliptical, like all of their cardio equipment, comes with iFit Coach capability.

This is something you need to sign up for it (monthly or yearly fee) and gives you access to personal trainers around the world for both on demand in studio classes and outdoor workouts in exotic locations via Google maps.

All of this unfolds right on the large 7″ touch screen, so you really feel like you are there, which makes for a much more immersive workout experience.

iFit Coach also tracks all of your workouts, gives you sleep, nutrition and exercise recommendations, and allows you to share your results with friends and family.

It’s not a necessary thing, but we find it definitely helps motivate you to work out more often, and harder, which is always a good thing. To us it’s worth the yearly fee.

The Elite 10.9 is low impact, so it’s easy on the joints. Overall it gave us a very good workout.

That said, we would definitely look at the NordicTrack C 9.5, as it is essentially a newer version of the Elite 10.9.

The C 9.5 has a heavier flywheel for smoother operation, and also comes with one year of iFit free,

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 – Conclusion

The Elite 10.9 definitely has some great features for an elliptical under $1,000.

You get a ton of workouts, incline capability, varied resistance levels, iFit Coach programming, a touch screen display and plenty of adjustability.

It’s a good option for the home gym, although you might be better served with the C 9.5, as it pretty much the same machine, same price but updated.

Get more information, specs and special sale pricing on this elliptical here.