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Matrix is the high end brand from Johnson Health & Fitness, the world’s second largest exercise equipment company behind iFit Health. Johnson also manufactures two well-regarded residential lines, Horizon and Vision, which have become quite popular over the years.Matrix Elliptical - A50 Ascent Trainer

As more and more people become interested in commercial grade machines for their home, we decided that Matrix elliptical reviews would be in order, just to give you some idea of what you can expect from the brand.

Interestingly, the Matrix exercise equipment is not nearly as expensive as some of the other higher end brands, yet the quality and craftmanship is just as good if not better. As such, they might just capture market share from Life Fitness and Precor, two companies that currently dominate the commercial market.

What makes the Matrix elliptical different?

For starters, unlike Horizon and Vision which are built for the residential market, Matrix is a commercial brand. You’ll find them in high end gyms and fitness facilities across the United States as well as internationally in Europe, South America and Australia.

You’ll also find Matrix ellipticals and other cardio equipment in hotels such as the Four Seasons, Marriott, Ritz Carlton and Loews, high schools, colleges, YMCAs and wellness centers.

The company prides itself on its innovative design, technological innovations and social responsibility. They go the extra mile to make sure every machine is built to last with the highest quality components and ergonomic function.

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Matrix offers a full line of treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, cycles and steppers, as well as unique machines such as Ascent Trainers, ClimbMills and the S-Drive Performance Trainer. So there is a wide variety of traditional as well as hybrid cardio machines to choose from.

As far as the ellipticals, the motion is as smooth as it gets, replicating the natural movement of your body with their patented suspension design. All of the models feature dual-action handlebars for an upper body workout, and resistance controls are right on the stationary handles so you can make changes while you work out.

The Current Matrix Elliptical Lineup

As of our latest review, the current offerings include two suspension ellipticals and 2 ascent trainers. You have the E30 and E50 as well as the A30 and top of the line A50.

As you move up in the lineup you get more features and capabilities, but all Matrix ellipticals offer at least 18 workout metrics such as time, heart rate, speed, profile, distance, level, calories, METs and watts. You get at least 20 resistance levels, 11 built-in workouts, 19″ stride, contact as well as telemetric heart rate monitoring, remote buttons, and a 400 lb. max user weight.

One of the best features you’ll find on the Matrix ellipticals that you don’t find on the other Johnson Health & Fitness brands is the choice of different consoles to help you customize your machine. There is the base XR console, the mid-level XER 10″ touch screen, and the XIR console with a 16″ HD touchscreen. The E50 and A50 have a 4th console option, an even larger 22″ touch XUR console. All of the touch screen models come with iFit interactive workouts, found on NordicTrack & ProForm machines as well.

Are they worth buying?

If you’re looking for a gym quality elliptical for your home, then a Matrix suspension elliptical or one of their Ascent Trainers is a great investment. These are rock-solid machines that will last for years and years, no matter how hard you work out on them. They are ergonomically designed and offer a natural smooth motion that you don’t find anywhere else.

It looks like they are definitely going to give Precor and Life Fitness a run for their money, as a Matrix elliptical stands right up there with them and is certainly worth consideration for those with the budget to afford them. The bottom line is you will be very happy with your machine for years to come if you go with a Matrix.

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