Horizon 7.0 AE EllipticalHorizon Fitness 7.0 AE Elliptical

Web Price: $1,999 | Sale Price: $999

The newest elliptical in the lineup, this affordable cardio trainer offers Bluetooth tracking capability, power incline and a free training app.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.5 / 5.0

325 lbs
Stride Length:
76″ L, 24″ W, 65.5″ H

Check out the new Horizon 7.0AE elliptical trainer here!

Overview: The 7.0 AE is one of the latest releases from Horizon Fitness, a brand known for high quality at budget friendly prices. This new model bridges the gap between the entry level EX-59 and the more advanced ellipticals, with some unique features not found on any of the other machines.

Let’s get into our Horizon 7.0 AE review to see if this one is worth considering for your home gym…

Incline Capability

One of the unique features of the new 7.0 AE is 20 levels of power incline, something that’s not available on the base EX-59 or even the up-level Evolve Series ellipticals.

This allows you to ramp up your training for more effective cardio and also target additional muscle groups in the legs that you can’t hit without an incline. Incline is always a good feature to have on an elliptical.

Bluetooth Tracking and Workout App

The Horizon 7.0 AE is one of the few ellipticals in the lineup that gives you Bluetooth capability, allowing you to control your entire workout through the new free training app, as well as sync all of your results to your favorite fitness apps.

Just use your own tablet or smart phone and take charge of your workouts. It also has built in device holder as well as a USB charger to make sure you are powered up throughout your workout.

Heavy Flywheel For Quiet, Smooth Motion

The 7.0AE has a 23 lb. flywheel, the same as on the more advanced Evolve 5 elliptical, which means it is very smooth and quiet when you’re using it.

Typically, the heavier the flywheel, the smoother the elliptical motion, so you always want to look for a weighty flywheel if it’s available.

20 Resistance Levels

In addition to the half dozen or so built in workout programs, you get 20 resistance levels to choose from, 10 more than the base EX-59 has. This makes your workouts more challenging, as you can work your way up through the levels. As you build up your strength and endurance, you can pump up the resistance and see if you can get through a complete workout on a higher level.

Other Nice Features

The Horizon 7.0AE comes with the patented SixStar frame which puts you in the ideal position to work out and minimizes impact on your knees and joints. You have a built in speaker system, water bottle holder and a workout fan.

It can accommodate up to 325 lbs., a heavier max user weight than most of the other machines, and has a very strong warranty on the frame, parts and labor.

Horizon 7.0 AE Test Drive

We were excited to try out the new Horizon 7.0 AE since it was the first model with the new free AFGF Connected workout app on it. It works via Bluetooth so all you need to do is enable Bluetooth on your smart device and choose the elliptical and you’re all set.

We were able to connect right away, and you can control your workout from the interface. You can log in, enter your information on be on your way. It’s similar to the programs you find at many of the high end gyms.

You can also track your results and sync them with your favorite fitness apps, which is a really cool way to keep tabs on your progress, set goals for yourself and share everything with family and friends.

I like to compete with my college buddies just like in the old days when would all see who could get the most reps with 3 plates on either side. We’re a lot older, so the low impact of the elliptical is just our speed!

Getting back to the review, we like the heavier flywheel, which feels much smoother than the base EX-59 model, which has a 14 lb. flywheel.

It also has a longer 20″ stride which can accommodate a wider range of users, and 20 levels of incline, only found on the higher end Elite E7 and E9 ellipticals.

So the Horizon 7.0 AE gives you a lot of the most appealing features of their upper level ellipticals, without the higher price tag. That’s why this is very likely going to be one of their most popular models.

You have a nice array of workout programs to choose from, including heart rate, fat burn, distance, calorie and 5K, so you can change things up from one workout to the next.

The display is larger than the one on some of the other ellipticals…it’s a 7″ LCD screen with a 16 alphanumeric LED readout.

Extras on the 7.0 AE elliptical include a built in speaker system, tablet holder, workout fan and a water bottle holder. There’s a very solid warranty as well…lifetime on frame and motor, 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

Horizon 7.0 AE Review – Final Thoughts

The new 7.0 AE is a welcome addition to the Horizon lineup, with an incredible amount of features and capabilities for an elliptical under $800.

You get Bluetooth technology, a free fitness app, heavy flywheel, incline capability, 20 power resistance levels, smooth impact-free operation and a bunch of extras including a speaker system, tablet/water bottle holder and a cooling fan.

If you’re in the market for a great new elliptical and you want to stay under $1000, the 7.0 AE is definitely a great choice.

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