Bowflex LateralX LX3Bowflex LateralX LX3

Web Price: $1,999 | Sale Price: $1,999

A brand new model for 2018 offering a full body, low impact workout with three directions of movement, including a unique side to side motion

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.5 / 5.0

300 lbs
Stride Length:
63.2″L x 53.6″W x 46.6″H

Bowflex LX3 Overview

The LX3 is one of two brand new machines from Bowflex called LateralX trainers. Along with the up-level LX5, these revolutionary machines allow you to not only move up and down, forward and back like a traditional elliptical trainer, but also side to side, adding a new element to your workout.

This allows you to target more muscle groups and more closely mimic everyday movements, while still providing the low impact, calorie burning workouts that Bowflex is known for.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features…

Total Freedom of Movement

As we mentioned, the Bowflex LateralX LX3 gives you side to side training, something that you just won’t find anywhere else. So you now have unlimited range in all directions, expanding your workout much further than you ever could on an elliptical trainer. More planes of motion mean more muscle activation, which enhances your workout and maximizes your results.

Compact Size

Although not as space friendly as their popular Max Trainers, the LX3 is still much more compact than a traditional elliptical. It’s only 63″ long, which is about 20 inches shorter than a regular machine. This makes it a great choice for the home gym, especially if your space is limited.

Free 12 Week Workout Program

The LX3 comes with a free 12 week workout plan for you, including 30 full length LateralX training videos to help you get the most out of your machine. The Bowflex personal trainers are featured in high energy gym-like classes that you can watch while you work out, learning how to train effectively and burn up those calories.

Additional Features

You have 8 different resistance levels to choose from as well as 8 built in workouts. You have a bright 7.5″ backlit display, pulse heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth compatibility to track your results, Bowflex radio and a media rack for your tablet or a magazine.

A lot of great features…now let’s get into the important part, the test drive…

Bowflex LateralX LX3 Test Drive

If you’re familiar with the Bowflex line of cardio equipment…the Max Trainers, the TreadClimbers, the traditional ellipticals and treadmills, then you’ll notice that the new LateralX trainers fit right into the mix. Although they are designed differently, they still have that same look and feel, with the signature red accents on both the LX3 and LX5 models.

As we mentioned, the LX3 is a relatively compact machine, with stationary handlebars as well as moving arms for an upper body workout. You have a nice bright screen showing you your workout stats, a tablet holder above the screen and a cop holder in between the stationary handles.

Stepping on the machine, it has the typical Bowflex feel. It’s not the most rugged elliptical that you’ll ever use, but it feels secure and solid. It does take some time to get used to the motion, unless you’ve used one of Octane Fitness’ LateralX trainers before. You might have seen these if you’re a member of a health club, as they have become quite popular over the last few years and can be seen alongside the traditional Octane ellipticals.

You can think of the Bowflex LX3 as a residential version of the Octane LateralX, and as such it is much more affordable. The Octane versions cost over $7,000, well out of reach for most buyers. You can move in any direction you choose, and it’s self powered so you can decide when to change from one motion to the next. You can go up and down, forward and back, side to side…whatever you choose. Each motion will hit the leg muscles in a different way.

There are 8 different built in workouts to choose from, or you can follow along with the free videos that come with the Bowflex LX3. Similar to what you get with NordicTrack’s iFit Coach program, the videos feature real personal trainers in studio settings, motivating and challenging you to enhance your workouts. Music comes through the speakers on your machine.

One of the cool features is the ability to track your workouts through the Bowflex app and sync it to your favorite fitness apps. That way you can see how you are progressing from one week to the next, and really monitor your results to ensure that you’re reaching your fitness goals.

As far as the Bowflex LateralX LX3 vs the LX5, the latter model is going to give you adjustable lateral movements, as opposed to the fixed range on the LX3. You also get more resistance levels, more built in workout programs, multi grip handlebars, wireless heart rate monitoring and a stronger warranty. So take a look at that model as well to see which one appeals to you more.

Bowflex LateralX LX3 Conclusion

If you’re in the market for a low impact machine that takes the traditional elliptical to a whole new level, then the Bowflex LX3 is definitely worth considering. It has a compact design, and gives you the freedom to train in 3 different directions, including a side to side movement that you won’t find on other elliptical trainers.

The built in workouts and free 12 week training program are a nice bonus, as they help you get the most out of your machine. The only drawback to the LX3 is the warranty, which is only one year. The up-level LX5 gives you three years, which is a little better, but we recommend the extended coverage on both models just for peace of mind.

The LX3 gives you everything you need to get into shape, burn a lot of calories and tone up the muscles, but if you want a little more check out the LX5 as well if it is within your budget. Either machine is a great choice for your home gym.

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