Sole E25 EllipticalSole E25

Web Price: $1,799 | Sale Price: $1099

One of their best sellers for several years running due to the quality and value. It does possess some promising specs, and is about as good as it gets at just under $1000.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.5 / 5.0

350 lbs
Stride Length:
70″ L x 24″ W x 64″ H

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Expert Reviews of the Sole E25

Most experts agree that for the price the Sole E25 elliptical is an excellent machine. The quality and craftsmanship are good and it offers a good deal of features that should satisfy most users. The latest model offers a fuller stride and a higher weight capacity which was a welcome change and something that should appeal to everyone. They kept all of the previous positive touches that have made the E25 one of the most popular elliptical machines on the market.

They recently redesigned the machine once again, now incorporating Bluetooth technology which allows you to sync your workout results with the Sole App as well as other popular fitness applications such as Apple Health, FitBit, Record and MapMyRun. With the new partnership with Studio you can now choose from a wide range of on-demand workouts, which put Sole more in line with what NordicTrack and Bowflex are offering.

Several leading industry publications say the Sole E25 is always one of the best ellipticals you can buy year in and year out at $1099. Suffice it to say, this one is a winner.

our Sole E25 Review and Test Drive

We’ve tested out the Sole E25 elliptical machines for several years and our reviews have always been positive. One thing we do like is that they don’t keep changing the model names like most other companies so you can keep track of everything they have to offer and easily compare it to previous models.

The E25s seem to have a few more features and a few more comforts each year. The foot pedals are large, comfortable and inclined for comfort and to avoid cramping; the ECB resistance system makes it super quiet.

We like the heart rate chest strap as it is more accurate than the sensors, but that is an add on that is not 100% necessary. The power incline is smooth and can be adjusted up to 20 levels, which really varies your workout.

The readout is very nice as well, with a 6.5″ LCD panel. It is a little on the small side but it gives you the relevant specs. If you’d like a larger display take a look at the up-level E35, which gives you a 7.5″ LCD display as well as a heavier flywheel and better warranty.

We like the new Bluetooth capability on the latest version. Sole has been a little behind other companies like NordicTrack when it comes to interactivity, so this is a step in the right direction. We were easily able to sync our workouts with our My Fitness Pal account, which adds to the enjoyment as you can see your progress from one workout to the next. It’s a nice motivational tool.

We’re testing out the new Studio capability, which is included for free for 30 days, which gives you access to tons of on-demand workouts. That’s a big step for Sole as it allows them to compete better with NordicTrack, ProForm & Bowflex, three of its biggest competitors.

Sole E25 Reviews – Conclusion

For the price it’s hard to beat the E25 elliptical machine from Sole. It’s just around $1000 when it’s on sale and is loaded with great features including an industry best 350 lb. user capacity and a long 22″ stride.

The front flywheel and pedal incline make for a comfortable workout even at the highest resistance levels, and the warranty is a good one.

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