Life Fitness FS6 Cross TrainerLife Fitness FS6 Cross Trainer

Web Price: $4,599+ | Sale Price: $3,999+

The FS6 features an all new side drive design with a more space friendly profile, generous adjustable stride and a premium touch screen console with Bluetooth technology.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.5 / 5.0

400 lbs
Stride Length:
50.5″L x 64.5″H

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Overview: The Life Fitness FS6 is one of two new side-drive compact ellipticals from the company (along with the FS4), a big departure from the typical rear drive design of the rest of their cardio trainer lineup. With a touch screen display and fully adjustable stride, this one is sure to be a winner.

Let’s look at some of the best features…

Space Saving Design

The most appealing feature of the new FS models is the compact design. Having the drive on the sides rather than in the back allows for a much smaller footprint, which is a welcome change that especially those with limited gym space will appreciate. The FS6 is only 50″ long, which is a good 25-30″ shorter than your typical elliptical trainer. That’s a big difference and makes Life Fitness ellipticals much more accessible to the residential market.

Adjustable Stride

Unlike most of the other Life Fitness ellipticals, the FS6 has a fully adjustable stride. You can choose from 18″ all the way up to 26″, which gives you incredible freedom of movement. At the shorter lengths it’s more of a stepping motion, and towards the top of the range it’s more of a jog or run. Note that the FS4 cross trainer has a fixed 22″ stride.

Unique Functional Design

What separates the FS6 from other elliptical trainers is the ability to stand on the side platforms and just work the arms with the movable bars. This is ideal for those that want to target the upper body and give the lower body a rest. You can also attach resistance bands to the back of the unit and do all kinds of resistance work before or after your elliptical training, a nice touch not found on the other Life Fitness models.

Other Great Features

The Life Fitness FS6 cross trainer gives you the option of two finishes: titanium or dark walnut, touch screen display with Bluetooth capability, QuickGrip handles and Extended Range pedals.

Life Fitness FS6 Test Drive

Let me start by saying it’s great to see that Life Fitness is starting to offer options besides the usual large, heavy rear drive ellipticals they’ve been carrying for years. Don’t get me wrong, the entire lineup is top-notch, but until now there just hasn’t been an option for those with limited space.

The FS6, and its little brother the FS4, are as we mentioned 25-30″ shorter than the typical elliptical trainer, which is a considerable amount of room. The drive mechanisms are located on either side of the pedals, rather than towards the back, which puts you in more of an upright position throughout your workout.

The elliptical motion is as smooth as it gets, similar to how it feels at the gym, and we like the fact that you can adjust the stride. You can do short, stepper-like motions, regular elliptical training or open up your stride to mimic a jog or a run.

The foot pedals are large and cushioned, and you can adjust them to choose the most natural feel. As we mentioned above you can hop on the side rails and just work your arms, which is a nice touch when your legs are feeling a little tired but you still want to get an arm workout in. You can also attach resistance bands and do curls, rows, uprights and any other type of exercise you enjoy. The compact design gives you a lot more room to work with behind the machine.

Another unique feature on the Life Fitness FS6 is the touch screen with Bluetooth, which most of their other ellipticals do not have. This is a huge step in the right direction for the company, as more and more people these days are interested in tracking their workouts and sharing their results with friends and family.

Overall we loved this new elliptical and we’re sure users will appreciate all that it has to offer…smooth motion, compact design, versatility and the latest technology.


If you’re looking for a club quality elliptical but want something more compact and space friendly, you should definitely consider the new FS6 from Life Fitness. It brings everything you everything you love about their health club models, without the large size and bulk. Plus, you now get a touch screen for ease of use and Bluetooth technology to integrate all of your favorite fitness apps.

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