ProForm 510 EProForm 510 E

Web Price: $999 | Sale Price: $799

This elliptical is loaded with features to help you burn calories and reach your goals faster, such as the 18 built-in workout apps and the iFit compatibility with Google Maps that can take your workout anywhere in the world.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 3.5 / 5.0

275 lbs
Stride Length:
18 – 20″
68″ L x 26″ W x 67.5″ H

**UPDATE** The ProForm 510E has been replaced by the new 520E, which actually offers more features, higher weight capacity and a lower price than the 510E. Check out our review of this model here.

Expert Reviews

“The Proform 510 is a front drive machine for those on a budget. Taller persons will want to set the incline feature down as far as they can due to the choppy feel of the machine when it is set on an incline.” – Treadmill Doctor

“The 510 E elliptical trainer from Proform is an entry level machine designed to offer as many features as possible for the price point. While this machine may seem like a great value, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to stride quality, comfort, and durability.” – EllipticalTrainers

“This machine is a fairly new addition to Proform’s Elliptical line up. The price is good, but just keep in mind that with a lower purchase price, it may not be as solid as some of the other ellipticals on the market currently. It is recommended that you purchase directly from Proform, as some customers who have purchased from other retailers such as Amazon and Walmart complain of their machine arriving with broken parts.” -ProFormCoupon

“The ProForm Elliptical Trainers isolate more muscle groups for faster results.With 18 preset workout apps and a smooth and silent magnetic resistance this elliptical is sure to impress any user.” – Zoo Stores

User Reviews

“Took my husband and son some time putting together. So far so good. Love the options to walk the world but need to spend more money to try it out. Love the programmed calorie work outs.” – Jonathan t. Walmart customer

“A solid machine. Due note, the plastic coverings, especially the one covering the incline ramp are noisy. I highly recommend taking it off beforehand. Make sure to lube every moving part heavily, I thought they were being generous with the packets of lube. Please use them. Everything came like it should have. No extra or missing pieces. Runs quietly and the monitor is easy enough to understand and clearly read.” – Danly, Amazon customer

“I enjoy my machine the only downfalls were the assembly (a lot of pieces) and the incline you have to set manually.” – Eenelson, Amazon customer

“I love my new Elliptical! It was easy to assemble and I love that it has incline adjustments. The settings are easy to use and I was surprised by the quality of the item for the price. Better than what I had expected.” – Cryssg from Los Angeles, Overstock


The ProForm 510 E seems to be a quality elliptical given its low price tag. There were a few problems with installation, so be sure to set some time out of your day to ensure you assemble everything correctly, also recommended to use all of the lube packets heavily to ensure a quiet workout. Many users had nothing but great things to say about the elliptical itself, while few did complain of noise issues during their workouts, which is why you want to ensure you assemble the elliptical correctly using plenty of lube. All in all the ProForm 510 E is a great entry level elliptical perfect for those on a budget.