ProForm Smart Strider 735ProForm Smart Strider 735

Web Price: $1,299 | Sale Price: $799

Adjustable incline, 20 workouts and iFit compatibility make the 735 a smart choice.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

300 lbs.
Stride Length:
65″ L x 25″ W x 74″ H

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Overview:The Smart Strider 735 is the middle entry in ProForm’s line of entry level home ellipticals. The 735 comes with adjustable incline, 20 preset workouts, and compatibility with iFit personal fitness software. The 735 retails for $799 and represents a worthy addition to an already impressive line of workout machines.

Here are a few of the high points from our ProForm Smart Strider 735 review…

Backlit Display

The display on the 735 has received a big upgrade from the one on the entry level 535. The 5″ display shows the most useful workout metrics, like speed, mileage, and heart rate, and allows for customizability so that you can see the numbers that matter to you during your workouts.

iFit Compatibility

iFit represents a truly powerful upgrade to your home workout experience. With an iFit account, you can download preconfigured routes from all over the globe and the 735 will automatically adjust the incline and resistance to simulate the experience of running across exotic landscapes from every corner of the world. In addition, there are a myriad of preset workouts designed by fitness professionals available for download to help keep every session fresh and exciting.

Adjustable Pedals

The pedals on the 735 come with several adjustability options. This really helps you dial in your comfort every time you step on to the machine. Customizing the position of the pedal helps protect your ankle by giving you maximum traction, ensuring that your workouts are smooth and efficient.

Silent Magnetic Resistance

Every entry in the Smart Strider series comes with ProForm’s Silent Magnetic Resistance. Not only does this make the ellipticals more convenient to use in an apartment setting where noise can be an issue, it makes adjusting the resistance in the middle of your workout simple and seamless. Every preset workout will adapt automatically to the newly chosen resistance setting, allowing you to customize the workout for your needs.

Guru Test Drive

The first thing you’ll notice about the Smart Strider 735 is the new screen. It represents a large upgrade over the 535. Workout metrics and progress are displayed in bright, easy to read formats. The controls in general are large and easy to use and really feel like they were designed for a simple, home experience.

The frame is built from commercial grade steel, but the 735 still feels approachable and efficient. The 735 comes with even bigger adjustable feet, meaning that rocking and wobbling are nonexistent. Even when I had the resistance and incline cranked to their maximum, I couldn’t get this machine to rock or creak which is impressive for a home fitness machine in this price range. The 735 is built to last and is backed up with a lifetime warranty on the frame and two years on the parts.

The selling point on the 735 for me was the iFit compatibility, which you don’t get on the base 535 model. I really enjoyed the inherent customizability that iFit provided for each workout. Every time I climbed onto the machine for a new session, I didn’t know whether I’d be running through hills of Morocco or the trails of Mongolia. It’s a great addition to an already wide range of preset workouts and I feel like I’d never be bored with the workouts available on the 735.

The only issue I had with the 735 is a carry over from the more basic 535. The stride length is not adjustable, meaning that taller users like me might feel a little cramped after a while. If you are on the taller side or if there will be multiple users I would recommend a machine from the Pro or Endurance series, which offer a more comfortable 20″ stride.

Final Thoughts:

ProForm took an already impressive entry in the home elliptical arena, the 535, and made it even better here. The 735, in conjunction with iFit, provides ones of the most impressively varied workouts I’ve ever come across. If you ever tire of running the routes available from all over the world, there are also preset workouts designed by fitness professionals to keep you engaged. Every workout is new with the 735 and at a very competitive $799, that’s a tough act to beat.

If you’d like to buy the ProForm Smart Strider 735 elliptical you can check out all the specs here and see if it’s right for you. Compare it to the 535 and the 935 as well as the other series in the newest line of ProForm ellipticals.