ProForm Smart Strider 895 CSEProForm Smart Strider 895 CSE

Web Price: $1,999 | Sale Price: $999

New for 2017, the top model in the series offers touch screen with internet, 32 workouts, iFit coach and heart rate monitoring.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

325 lbs.
Stride Length:
65″ L x 32″ W x 80″ H

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Overview: The ProForm Smart Strider 895 CSE is the new top-end model in the series, released for 2017 along with the base 495 CSE and mid-level 695 CSE. All three are improvements on earlier model with enhanced features and capabilities. A rear drive elliptical with an 18″ stride, it has a touch screen and a diverse amount of workouts.

Let’s look at some of the best features…

Full Color Touch Display

The 895 CSE has a bright 7″ touch screen display with built in internet, something that differentiates it from both the base 495 CSE model and the mid-level 695 CSE. Both of those ellipticals have Round Watts LCD displays. You can swipe through all of the workout metrics as well as watch videos, surf the web or access iFit Coach, which leads up to our next great feature.

iFit Coach Technology

All of the new Smart Striders are iFit Coach Ready, which means you can access the company’s latest immersive workout experience right on the machine itself. You get to choose any location worldwide to train in via Google maps, tap into an endless library of specially designed workouts, share and track your results, get nutrition recommendations and much more. Note that iFit Coach does require a subscription, but it is well worth it for all of the tools you are getting.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The ProForm 895 CSE gives you two ways to measure your heart rate. You can use the hand grip sensors or if you prefer, you can use the free included wireless chest strap for more accurate readings. Note that the other two models do not support wireless monitoring.

Diverse Workouts

The 895 gives you the largest amount of built in workouts of the Smart Strider series, a whopping 32, as opposed to 24 on the 695 CSE and 18 on the 495. So even if you choose not to pay for iFit Coach, you still have a ton of different workouts to choose from.

Other Nice Features

You also get SpaceSaver design with easy folding, soft grip workout arms, up to 10 degrees of incline, 24 resistance levels, integrated tablet holder, iPod compatibility, water bottle holder, easy assembly and CoolAire workout fan.

ProForm Smart Strider 895 CSE Test Drive

The Smart Strider 895 CSE feels more smooth than the 495 that we tested, with a heavier flywheel (18 lbs. vs. 13 lbs.) and a sturdier feel. Although the dimensions are the same, this one has a 325 lb. capacity as opposed to 275 lbs. Still, it is more of an entry level machine than some of the other models in the lineup.

You certainly do get an unbelievable array of features and capabilities, however. The 7″ touch screen is a big improvement over the regular display, and the fact that you can access the internet and watch videos, check your social pages and do other things online really helps pass the time. Plus it is nice to have iFit right on the elliptical itself, rather than on your tablet like you need to do on the other Smart Striders.

iFit Coach is a really nice program, and you do really get a lot from it. The Google maps are worth the membership price alone, since you can literally pick any location in the world and it is like you are working out there. You see the trail unfold right there on the screen. iFit also gives you personal trainer designed programs, nutrition/diet recommendations, workout tracking, goal setting and much more.

As we mentioned there are 32 built in programs to challenge yourself. The pedals are well cushioned and oversized. You get 24 different resistance levels (18 on the base model), as well as 10% incline capability which is not present on the 495 CSE.

You also get all of the extras we mention above, which is pretty much unheard of at this price level.

Anything we didn’t like? Well, it’s definitely the best Smart Strider, but like the others it has a fixed 18″ stride. This might be fine for most users but if you are on the taller side you may find the motion a bit uncomfortable. That’s the only real limitation here, as everything else is pretty much on point.

Final Thoughts

The new Smart Striders are greatly improved and really offer an amazing amount of features for what you are paying. The 895 CSE is only about $999 when it’s on sale, so if you can find it at that price it’s definitely worth it. At only $400 more than the base 495 CSE, it makes the most sense for all that you are getting.

If you are on the taller side (over 6 ft) look at the Pro series ellipticals. They are a little pricier than the Striders but you’ll get a much more comfortable stride length, as well as sturdier construction.

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