ProForm SMART Pro 16.9 EllipticalProForm SMART Pro 16.9

Web Price: $2,499 | Sale Price: $1,699

A new addition to the popular Pro series recently introduced, the 16.9 improves upon the 16.0 model with a 10″ web-enabled vibrant touchscreen, up to 20 degrees of incline, iFit Coach built into the console and easy out of the box assembly.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.5 / 5.0

375 lbs
Stride Length:
20″ power adjustable
80.3″ L x 25.7″ W x 64.4″ H

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Overview: The ProForm SMART Pro 16.9 is a brand new, premium elliptical trainer with an extensive suite of features. The most advanced machine in the Pro series, the 16.9 is made with high-quality components and is built to last long. It is backed by a great warranty and also comes with a ton of great features and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Let us now take a look at the best features of the 16.9…

Power Adjustable Stride

The machine’s stride can be adjusted up to 20 inches, which allows you to find your perfect stride length. It also allows multiple users to work out on the same machine, with each person able to customize the stride length to their needs.

Incline Ramp

The 16.9 features a power adjustable ramp which has an incline range of 0 – 20%. Training on an incline boosts your metabolic rate and allows your body to burn off more calories. It also improves your muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance tremendously.

iFit Connectivity

The built-in iFit Coach connectivity makes indoor running an exciting activity. You can choose a different landscape every day for your training using Google Maps, get access to a huge library of workout videos, monitor your fitness progress closely, and connect with the iFit community. Note that it does require a membership (free for a year on some SMART models), but it’s about $99 and worth it even if you use the machine a handful of times. Hopefully you’ll use it a lot more than that, but we’re just making a point. 🙂

Heart Rate Training

Tracking your heart rate is essential if you want to improve the efficiency of your workouts and reach your goals faster. The ProForm SMART Pro 16.9 offers you two options to measure your heart rate accurately – built-in sensors in the handlebars and a wireless chest strap for hands-free tracking.

Web-enabled Touchscreen Display

The 10″ display, an upgrade from the 7″ display on the Pro 12.9 elliptical, responds to your touch and shows you all of the workout data. It is also web-enabled, so you can check your email, connect with your friends on social media, or watch your favorite songs, videos, and movies while working out.

ProForm SMART Pro 16.9 Test Drive

Assembling the Pro 16.9 is a breeze, thanks to ProForm’s hugely innovative out-of-box assembly. The machine pretty much comes fully assembled and you can set it up in a few minutes and get started with your training.

The first thing you notice when you step on the machine is its sturdy build. It is made with commercial-grade steel and has a user weight capacity of 375 lbs. The parts do not feel brittle and the machine itself does not squeak or creak even during high-intensity workouts.

The machine can also be customized to a great extent. The 20″ power adjustable stride allows you to find a stride length that is closer to your natural stride. The pedals also allow you to adjust the foot position for better fit and comfort.

The multi-grip handles allow you to work the muscles in your upper body, which makes the PRO 16.9 a total body workout machine.

The console has 35 workout apps built into it, making it incredibly easy for you to choose a program based on your fitness needs. There are 26 resistance levels and the shift from one level to another is smooth, silent, and frictionless. You can really vary your routine from one workout to the next, which helps to keep you motivated.

The built-in iFit connectivity is a great feature which brings the excitement of outdoor running right to your training room. It also allows you to keep track of the progress you make on a daily basis, which is very important if you want to reach your fitness goals faster. As we mentioned, you need to pay for an iFit subscription to be able to use this feature, but it is totally worth it. We’ve heard nothing but positive comments from those who joined iFit. Plus, as we mentioned, some SMART machines come with a free one year subscription, so give it a try if it’s available.

The ProForm SMART Pro 16.9 has a music port with built-in speakers and the sound quality is surprisingly good. There is a built-in shelf where you can put your tablet and access all of your files. You also have internet access, thanks to the fully web-enabled console. These features help you with multitasking (check your email, catch up on the news, and connect with your social media friends while working out) and also help you avoid the boredom of indoor running.

The machine comes with a set of adjustable leveling feet. So, you can keep it steady even if the floor surface is a little uneven. It also has a set of front-mounted transport wheels, so moving the machine around should not be a problem.

Final Thoughts

The SMART Pro 16.9 is one of the best elliptical trainers in its class. It is solidly built, can be used by multiple users, and can be customized to individual preferences. It offers plenty of choices in terms of workout programs (built-in workout apps and iFit connectivity) as well as multimedia entertainment (music port, tablet rack, and web-enabled console).

ProForm is generally known for making low-maintenance fitness equipment and the generous warranty (lifetime frame, six-year parts, and three-year labor) also vouches for the machine’s durability.

To sum it up, you cannot go wrong with the Pro 16.9 elliptical. It is a very good cross-trainer and certainly one of the very best machines you can get for the price tag.

You can also take a look at the Pro 12.9, which is essentially the same machine just with a smaller 7″ touch screen.