ProForm SMART 920E EllipticalProForm 920E

Web Price: $1,899 | Sale Price: $1,699

A brand new Endurance model updated recently, this one features more resistance levels, heavier flywheel, touch screen, iFit Coach and other plenty of other upgrades.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.5 / 5.0

325 lbs
Stride Length:
67.1″L x 25″W x 69.1″H

UPDATE: The ProForm 920E has been discontinued and replaced with the all new ProForm Carbon EX. Check out our review.

Overview: The ProForm SMART Endurance 920E is the newest addition to the Endurance Series lineup, a neatly designed and affordably priced elliptical trainer. ProForm is known for stacking its machines with lots of features and accessories and the 920E is no exception. It improves on both the 520E and 720E, with enhanced features and a sleek new design.

Let’s take a look at the best features of the 920 E…

Power Adjustable Stride

The SMART Endurance 920 E allows you to adjust the stride length to suit your needs. The workout stride can be adjusted up to 19 inches, which allows multiple users to use the machine, perfect for the home gym.

Adjustable Power Ramp

The machine has a ramp which inclines up to 20%. Incline training increases your calorie-burning rate, tones your muscles, and improves your cardiovascular endurance greatly. You can start off with a smaller incline and work your way up to challenge yourself from workout to the next.

Built-in Workout Programs

There are 32 workout apps preloaded into the console. You can simply choose the training program you want and press ‘start’. It offers 8 more workouts than the ProForm 720E model and 14 more than you get on the entry level 520E model.

iFit Technology

The built-in iFit Coach technology allows you to access your iFit account directly from the elliptical trainer. The three key features of iFit technology include real-life run simulation using Google Maps, accurate tracking of fitness progress, and access to an enormous library of workout videos. The 920E is iFit enabled, meaning you don’t have to use your tablet or smart phone as you do with the 520E and 720E.

Heart Rate Training

The 920 E has hand-grip sensors as well wireless capability to track your heart rate while you work out. You can stay in the right zone while training and achieve your goals faster.

ProForm SMART Endurance 920E Test Drive

The power adjustable stride feature is the USP of the machine. It allows you to change the stride length to suit your natural stride. It is a very important feature because if the machine’s stride length is shorter or longer than your natural stride, you will not only feel sore after working out, but also risk sustaining injuries in the long run. It also allows multiple users – irrespective of their height and body type – to use the machine and enjoy a customized workout.

The oversized pedals grip your feet firmly and help you enjoy a comfortable workout. They also allow you to adjust your foot position. This again is important because improper foot position can increase the risk of soreness and injury, especially if you are someone who trains hard. Customizable foot position is a simple yet effective feature to prevent these problems.

The ProForm SMART Endurance 920 E has 20 resistance levels. The transition from one level to another is unbelievably smooth, thanks to the Silent Magnetic Resistance system. The machine does not squeak or creak when you adjust the intensity, which is rare in a sub-$1000 elliptical machine.

The incline ramp is a feature you will definitely enjoy if you like pushing yourself to the limit during your workouts. It has an incline range of 0 – 20% and you can adjust the incline with the touch of a button.

The machine comes with 32 workout programs. The built-in iFit connectivity also gives you access to a huge collection of workout videos. So, whether you are a casual user or a serious runner, you can find a workout that suits your needs.

The best thing about iFit is the real-life run simulation feature – which, if you have never tried before, should definitely try. You can choose a route from anywhere in the world using Google Maps and the elliptical trainer will automatically adjust the incline ramp to simulate the route’s running surface.

The 7” touchscreen display shows you all the stats you need – time, distance, speed, calories burned, resistance level, and heart rate. The console is also web-enabled, which is surprising as it is not a feature you expect to see in a moderately-priced machine such as this one.

The ProForm 920E trainer has sensors in the handlebars as well as a wireless chest strap for heart rate tracking. The chest strap is included in the package, which is good because most machines in this price range are wireless strap compatible, but the strap itself is not usually included in the package. You are likely to get better results with a wireless strap as it is more accurate than hand-grip sensors.

The 920 E is solidly built and can accommodate up to 325 pounds. It comes with transport wheels, so you should be able to move it around without any problem.

Final Thoughts

The SMART Endurance 920 E is a very good elliptical trainer offering great value for the price. It has customizable features to improve your workout experience. It is surprisingly sturdy and can be used by multiple users.

ProForm has also added a large number of additional features and accessories – music port, charging port, tablet rack, water bottle holder, transport wheels, leveling feet, and workout fan. Most importantly, the machine is very reasonably priced, which puts it within the reach of even people on a small budget. It offers phenomenal value for your money and is one of the best cross-trainers you can get for the price tag.

The 920E is no longer available. Check out our latest ProForm elliptical reviews.