Precor EFX 225 EllipticalPrecor EFX 225

Web Price: $3,599 | Sale Price: $3,199

Motorized incline adjustment makes this step up in the Energy Series that much easier to use. A solid choice if you have the budget.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

Stride Length:
76″ L x 29″ W x 65″ H

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Overview: The Precor EFX 225 elliptical represents the first entry in the line with motorized adjustability. The 225 includes all of the features on the entry level models as well as the option of fixed or moving handlebars. The EFX 225 is currently priced at $3,199 and is a strong entry in a line of machines already building a reputation for quality.

Let’s take a peek at the main standouts of our Precor EFX 225 review…


Precor’s patented CrossRamp technology makes an appearance here in its fullest form. Rather than the three available settings built in to the base models the EFX 221 and 222, CrossRamp is fully motorized on the 225. A full 10 degrees of adjustability gives you a really wide range of customizability for your workouts. Getting a healthy, injury-free workout from an elliptical means being able to keep your heels down on the pedals through the running motion and the nuance available here means you can dial that setting in specifically for your form.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The SmartRate feature that comes along with all the ellipticals in the EFX line is also one of my favorite features. SmartRate instant heart rate readings work together with your vitals to help keep you in your targeted heart rate or calorie burn zone longer. You can use a the built-in sensor pads on the handlebars or a Polar 5KHz heart rate strap.

Multiple Users

The EFX 225 will store personalized data for two users (if you need more check out the EFX 245). You can save your age, height, and weight, for use with the SmartRate feature, as well as your previous workout data. You can also use the settings from your previous workout, such as resistance and CrossRamp height, as the default settings on your user ID. This allows you to start your workouts quicker without having to enter your data before every use.

Workout Accelerators

The Workout Accelerators are already one of my favorite features on Precor’s ellipticals. The 225 comes with 10 preset workouts that allow you to target specific cardio and calorie goals, but the Workout Accelerators really help you to keep pushing the boundaries at the upper end of your workouts. They use data from previous workouts to suggest new ways to modify the preset workouts, like increasing resistance or pushing maximum heart rate.

Guru Test Drive

The big new feature on the EFX 225 is the motorized capability in CrossRamp. Precor has put CrossRamp front and center in the feature list for every entry in the EFX line and for good reason. In my time with the EFX 225, I felt as if I never had the same workout twice. The wide range of adjustability means I was really able to dial in the step height to conform to my particular stride. I also liked the fact that the elliptical path settings are motorized and can be adjusted on the fly. If I decided that I needed to target a specific muscle group, I could pause my workout and pick new settings with a few button presses. It lends to the sense that CrossRamp is working for you and makes the EFX 225 truly feel like your own personal machine.

Like all entries in the EFX line, there is a little assembly required out of the box. However, the instructions are simple and easy to follow. Precor’s reputation for high quality parts does not disappoint. The 225 feels like a high-end machine despite its place in the bottom third of the product line. The elliptical path is smooth and sure, with no grinding or unnecessary noise. The display is bright, easy to read, and lends a sense of modernity to the 225. Precor’s standard lifetime warranty on the frame, five years on the wear items, and three years on the display are all here. The EFX 225 felt like a machine I could use for years with no noticeable decline in quality.

The 225 is plagued by the same shortcoming as the other machines on this end of the EFX line. For a machine that retails in this price range, 10 preset workouts is on the low side. You’ll need to step up to the EFX 245 if you want more workout options. It offers 25 preset workouts plus 16 personalized ones, with 4 user profiles vs. two.

However, Precor’s Work Accelerators go a long way towards making the short number of presets irrelevant. Though you only have a few options for presets, such as a hill climb or cross country, the Workout Accelerators keep giving you new ways to make them fresh and interesting.

Final Thoughts:

The Precor EFX 225 is a welcome step up from the bottom half of the EFX product line. It’s loaded with features that make it fun and efficient to use and the fully adjustable CrossRamp is just icing on the cake. Though I definitely could have used a few more preset workouts to try, I really enjoyed the fact that the Workout Accelerators are always keeping me on my toes. Yes, the Precor machines are certainly not cheap, but if you have the budget for it and want a gym quality workout at home, you really can’t go wrong with the company that invented the elliptical machine.

If you’re interested in the new Precor EFX 225 elliptical you can check it out at the official site and compare it to other models in the Energy series as well the higher end Precision series.