Precor EFX 423 Elliptical TrainerPrecor EFX 423

Web Price: $4,599 | Sale Price: $3,999

The base model of the high-end Precision series, these Precor ellipticals bring all your favorite gym features to the home setting.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 3.5 / 5.0

Stride Length:
84″ L x 31″ W x 67″ H

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The EFX 423 is the first entry in Precor’s top of the line, home-use Precision series ellipticals. The 423 contains a host of features that are derived from the commercial machines that you’ve likely seen in your local gym. It features an upgraded resistance unit and higher quality construction materials from the 200 series models, both pulled from their commercial ellipticals. The EFX 423 retails for a little under $4000 on sale and brings you even closer to a gym quality workout in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some of the highlights of our Precor EFX 423 review…


CrossRamp allows you to adjust the elliptical path with up to 20 levels of precision, along 40 degrees of motion. On the EFX 423, the adjustment process is motorized. This allows you to change your target muscle group and open up new challenges for your lower body at the touch of a button.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The EFX 423 is loaded with Precor’s patented SmartRate technology. This feature instantly reads your heart rate from the built in pads or compatible Polar 5KHz chest strap, and uses it in conjunction with your vitals in order to make your workouts more efficient and useful. With SmartRate, you’ll stay in your target heart rate or calorie burn zone for longer, maximizing your time.

Multiple Users

The EFX 423 will store height, weight, and age for two unique users. In addition, your workout history is saved allowing you to quickly pull up your favorite workouts and use them as your default settings in the future. This is a great feature for a household with multiple users.

Precor EFX 423 Test Drive

The big selling point of the EFX 423 is that it allows you to bring a commercial quality machine right into your home. The features and construction quality are pulled directly from Precor’s commercial fitness machines and scaled down to be more useful in a private environment. I really appreciated the attention to detail in the unit’s construction.

The frame and fittings all felt high quality and the footpads travel through the elliptical paths with no noticeable creaking or rocking. The moment you step onto the 423, you notice how stable and planted it feels. It inspires confidence, even when your workouts pick up and you put the elliptical through its paces. The motorized CrossRamp technology is a great feature. Given the relatively small number of preset workouts, I felt that the adjustability gave me plenty of ways to change things up and target muscle groups in the exact way I wanted.

That being said, I would have liked to see more preset workouts and a touch screen from a machine at this price point. Considering that some cheaper models in the EFX line come with a touchscreen and a higher number of presets, it felt like they should also have been included on the 423. However, the majority of users will be able to get more than enough customizability in their workouts with the combination of CrossRamp and Precor’s excellent Workout Accelerators.

This model also doesn’t come with Preva, the fitness system that gives you customized workouts, allows you to track your progress, set fitness goals and other great features. The less expensive EFX 245 model does include it, as well as the higher priced EFX 447. Also keep in mind that this model has stationary handlebars, so if you are looking to work your arms too you’ll have to opt for the 245 or 425 Precor ellipticals.

Final Thoughts

The EFX 423 is a worthy peek into the upper echelons of what’s possible in a home fitness machine. The unit feels like it was carted home directly from a gym and set up in my living room. I would have liked a few more preset workouts to fiddle with, but I still really enjoyed the variability provided by the motorized CrossRamp. The 423 is a great place to start if your lifestyle demands the kind of precision and quality inherent in a commercial gym.

Still, for the price we would have loved to see a few more features included to make our workouts more exciting.

If you’re interested in the Precor EFX 423 elliptical you can check it out at the official Precor site. Here you can also see other models in the Precision series to see which elliptical appeals most to you.