NordicTrack SE9i – The High-End SpaceSaver Elliptical

The SpaceSaver SE9i is a rear-drive elliptical training machine from NordicTrack. It is the latest model in the company’s SpaceSaver series and an upgraded version of its sister model – the SE7i.

The machine is beautifully designed and looks quite stylish. It is loaded with an array of features. So, how good is it really?

Let’s take a look at this elliptical machine…

We’ll start off with the pros:

Easy to Assemble

The machine is very easy to assemble. I was initially skeptical about NordicTrack’s ‘assemble in three steps’ claim, but it is true. I managed to assemble it without breaking a sweat and I did not even need a helping hand.


Size & Portability

The SpaceSaver SE9i, true to its name, is designed to help you save a lot of space. It is compactly designed, foldable, and only has a footprint of 32”x28”. You can store it in a closet or keep it in a corner after you finish your workout. It also has transport wheels to make it easier for you to move it from one place to another.

Patented Design

The machine stands out from the rest in its class for one simple reason – the patented rear drive design from Precor. NordicTrack has leased a patent from Precor, a company known for building high-quality commercial grade elliptical trainers. They have modeled their rear drive machines based on the patent.

The biggest advantage of such a design is that it allows you to maintain a pure elliptical motion, which resembles your natural stride, even when you change the angle and raise the incline. In most other machines, the elliptical motion gets distorted once the incline is raised. The patented design also offers a more stable and natural feel to your workout.

Touchscreen Display

There is a 7” full color touch screen display which is quite spectacular. You can get all the stats and feedback on your workout sessions and the graphics are quite colorful and pleasing to the eye. It comes with an Android browser. So, you can check your email or surf the web whenever you take a break from your workout session.

The display is iFit compatible, which allows you to choose a workout program designed by professionals based on your fitness goals. You can also use Google Maps to give a new twist to your workout. You can choose a place and your machine will automatically adjust the angle of the incline according to the contour of the land you choose. I personally love this feature as it makes my workout sessions more interesting.

The machine also comes with 24 pre-installed programs for you to choose from.

Foot Pedals

The foot pedals are large and they fit my feet perfectly. You can also adjust them to change your toe-to-heel angle.

There are plenty of other features that I liked as well. The CardioGrip sensors in the handlebars to track the heart rate, the cooling fan, the water bottle holder, and the music system are nice additions to the machine.

OK so there are a lot of pros to the SE9i….now let’s talk about the cons:

The only complaint I have with the SpaceSaver SE9i is that it is basically the same as the SE7i with a better warranty. It’s same size and has basically the same features, but has a much higher price tag. The only improvement is the web-enabled touch screen display. I personally would have loved to see some additional features like a reading rack or an accessories tray, or something else substantial to justify the higher price.

Also, the stride is not adjustable. Being an average height man, I am perfectly satisfied with the 18” stride, but if you are taller, you might find it slightly uncomfortable.

It should be, however, noted that NordicTrack offers features like patented power incline, which is usually only found in commercial-grade elliptical trainers. So, it is still a very good buy.

What’s the bottom line?

Like its sister the SE7i, this a very high quality machine with loads of great features. If you are more comfortable with the stronger warranty and like the web-enabled touch screen, and can afford it, the SpaceSaver SE9i is a very good elliptical machine. That being said, I would probably go for the SE7i myself.