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You won’t find many AFG elliptical reviews online, as these machines are not as popular as those offered by NordicTrack, ProForm, Precor and other more mainstream brand names. However, these mid to high end ellipticals are very well made and have received many industry awards over the years.afg-logo

AFG is part of a company called Johnson Health Tech, a manufacturer based in Taiwan that also makes Horizon, Vision, Matrix and Tempo, all well-regarded fitness equipment brands. Johnson is known for their commitment to quality and ensuring that all of their equipment provides the ideal workout for maximum results. AFG also makes treadmills, exercise bikes and accessories for all of their exercise machines.

You can can great deals on some of the most popular AFG ellipticals at Amazon or you can go to the manufacturer site for the full lineup.

There are currently six AFG ellipticals to choose from, with various features and capabilities: The 3.1AE, 4.1AE, 18.1AXT, AFG 3.3AE, AFG 5.3AE, AFG 7.3AE. It’s not the easiest naming system to follow, but they must have some reason for the badges.

The AFG 18.1AXT, 3.1AE and 4.1AE have all received awards from the leading consumer magazine. The 3.1AE was voted a Best Buy and the others recommended in the Ellipticals With Heart Rate Monitoring category.

The 3.1AE is the lowest priced of all of the models, priced in the range of $1000 to $1500 depending on where you buy it. The 4.1AE is a few hundred dollars more expensive. Moving up the line you have the 18.1AXT and the 3.3AE for about $2,500. Finally you have the AFG 5.3AE and AFG 7.3AE for about $2700-$3,000.

So these are definitely not cheap ellipticals by any stretch. But they do offer a lot of great features. Let’s take a look at some of the features that all of the AFG ellipticals have in common…

Like Horizon and other ellipticals under the Johnson Health umbrella, all of the AFG ellipticals come with something called SixStar Certified frames, which basically means they incorporate 6 different elements based on extensive bio-mechanical research that will give you the most natural, comfortable feel when you’re using the machines. This includes pedal placement, upright body posture, easy access pedals, optimal spacing of the handlebars, a natural footpath and smooth movement.

AFG-73AE-ellipticalIn addition to these 6 trademarked components, per our latest AFG elliptical review all models include heavy flywheels (smoother, quieter motion), power incline capability, at least a 20″ stride length (ideal for all user heights), 20 resistance levels, at least 10 different workout options, USB port, workout tracking capability, built-in speakers, an iPod/MP3 pocket with an input jack, heart rate capability, at least a 325 lb. maximum user weight, and a Lifetime warranty on the frame.

That’s pretty impressive, and seems to be the standard on most Johnson Health Tech elliptical machines…well-built, feature-rich and a solid warranty. Although these ellipticals are pricey, you do get a lot for your money. The only thing missing for some reason is a fan on the lower priced AFG elliptical trainers. We’re not sure why that is, as fans are pretty standard on most $1500+ machines.

Overall, users seem to be happy according to our AFG elliptical reviews. We always like to take a look at Amazon whenever possible as they tend to have the most unbiased reviews, as opposed to those found on the manufacturer’s website which always seem to be very positive…I wonder why that is?? 🙂

Currently they offer the AFG 3.1AE and 4.1AE for sale at Amazon, so we took a look at those to give us a general picture. With a total of about 50 reviews as of this writing (2015) the two ellipticals averaged between 3 and 3 1/2 stars out of 5. Not bad, not great, but also not a big enough sample to really get a clear picture.

At any rate, the positive reviews mention the high quality of the machine, the great value for the price, the variety of programs, the workout options and the smooth motion. The negative reviews cite some customer service issues, some clicking/squeaking noises and setup problems. But this is common with all of the brands out there. The fitness equipment industry is well known for poor customer service, and you’re always going to have a few “lemon” machines that have faulty parts or just don’t work right for one reason or another.

What’s the bottom line on AFG elliptical machines?

The bottom line is that AFG ellipticals are well made and are a solid choice in the $1000-$3000 range. We will be reviewing all of the models in more detail so you can make a more informed decision, so check back with us often.