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Of all of the cardio equipment on the market today, Schwinn is perhaps the oldest brand. The company was started back in 1895, when Ignaz Schwinn and his partner started manufacturing bicycles.

The company was able to shape the bicycle trend in America for nearly 80 years, but then things went downhill and eventually they had to file bankruptcy, and the company changed from what it once was.

A Brief History of the Schwinn Brand

Schwinn 430 Elliptical TrainerDuring the early years, Schwinn was well known for its good quality, American made bicycles.

Unfortunately, in the 1980’s, after labor strikes in their American plant, Schwinn made the tough decision to outsource all of their bicycle production to Japan, Taiwan, and other Asian countries.

At this point Schwinn became a company more focused on marketing bicycles, rather than manufacturing them. Such is the case with almost all fitness equipment companies today, sadly.

The Schwinn brand has now passed hands a few times, and is currently owned by Nautilus, Inc.

Some people purchase Schwinn ellipticals and exercise bikes because they remember the good old days when the company was able to provide sturdy American made bikes.

However, those days have now ended, and there are some customers who are disappointed that the quality of service and products being put out by the company today aren’t up to the standards of previous decades. Still, if you’re looking for an affordable elliptical for your home, a Schwinn isn’t a bad choice….especially one of the newer models with better technology and JRNY interactive workouts.

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The Current Schwinn Elliptical Lineup

The main problem with purchasing an elliptical from Schwinn is that the warranties on them are not so great. They have a 10 year warranty on frame and 1 year on electronics, and a measly 90 days on labor!

So basically after you buy one of these ellipticals, if there is a problem, forget about having them send a mechanic to fix it – even if it’s brand new out of the box!

They will send new parts if there is anything defective, but you will have to do the repairs yourself, or hire your own mechanic to fix it. This is a major problem, and is one reason I wouldn’t recommend Schwinn to anyone, unless they decide to change their warranty around.

Users are also often disappointed with the features and the console of Schwinn ellipticals. The price of these machines is very low, but they aren’t considered to be a value brand because you truly aren’t getting a lot for the price that you pay.

Our latest Schwinn elliptical review found that there are three models currently being sold, the fewest since they first started selling them.

You have the Schwinn 411, 430 and the new 490. The E514c, 520, E614 and E616, and 470 models are no longer available.

Schwinn 411

The Schwinn 411 is the most affordable model in the series, an entry level machine with a decent array of features and capabilities.

You get an 18″ stride, 16 resistance levels, 13 built in training programs, Bluetooth workout tracking, wireless heart rate and a single user profile.

Schwinn 430

Stepping up you have the Schwinn 430, which bumps you up to a 20″ stride, 20 resistance levels, 22 built in programs, 10 degrees of manual incline and 2 user profiles.

Schwinn 490

The top of the series Schwinn 490 gives you even more of everything, including 25 resistance levels, larger display, 15 degrees of power incline and unlimited profiles with the company’s JRNY interactive workout program.

Note that the base 411 and the advanced 490 have wireless heart rate and Bluetooth workout tracking…interestingly the mid-range 430 does not.

The three models cost around $699-$1299. They all come with articulating foot plates with cushioning, moving and stationary handles, water bottle holder, transport wheels and frame stabilizers.

Overall, the specs, features and warranties have actually improved a bit from previous years, so perhaps there is hope for the Schwinn elliptical brand.

The 490 was actually rated pretty high by the leading consumer magazine, but we didn’t see the 430 model on the list.

So What’s the Bottom Line on Schwinn Ellipticals?

They have certainly had their issues over the years, but it’s possible that things are improving a bit now. The machines appear to be getting a little better, offering more features and slightly better warranties.

They also remain quite popular, and are the 4th most popular elliptical search on Google currently, behind ProForm, NordicTrack and Life Fitness.

Consumer and expert reviews are mixed, but you have to keep in mind that these are low cost machines…so they’re not going to be as well-constructed or quiet or feature-packed as some of the more expensive brands.

Is it our top choice? Absolutely not, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a good choice for you.

If you do buy one of these ellipticals however you might want to opt for some kind of extended service plan just to cover yourself if something goes wrong.

If you are interested in purchasing a Schwinn, you’ll find the best sale prices at Amazon, and make sure to check out my reviews for each of the different models below.

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