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True Fitness Logo TRUE Fitness offers gym quality ellipticals, treadmills and bikes for home use and has become one of the industry leaders for the quality of construction and high level of comfort and usability.

They are certainly not cheap by any stretch, but if you can afford to pay over $2000 for an elliptical, you can’t go wrong with TRUE.

TRUE elliptical trainer

The company has been in business for over 30 years and prides itself on its many innovations, including its patented Heart Rate Control and Soft Step technologies. They focus on biomechanics, comfort and functionality when it comes to designing and building their machines, and it certainly shows. The TRUE ellipticals are about as good as it gets.

All of the models are packed with great features, including Cardio 360, another patented technology which is a virtual training coach that helps you target all of your different muscle groups. They all have water bottle holders, reading racks and tablet holders, contact heart rate monitors, eddy current brakes (smooth and quiet), good adjustable strides, orthopedic footpads, side step capability, and 300 + lb user maximum weights.

The Current TRUE Elliptical Lineup

Our latest TRUE ellipticals review shows they are currently featuring 4 different models: the entry level model is the TRUE M30 elliptical, which is a bit over $2000.

You then have the M50 and the Performance PS300, which are the mid-range offerings in the series.

At the high end you have the ES700, which offers the option of two different consoles: the standard Emerge LED and the enhanced touch screen Transcend.

As you move up the ladder you get some more features, more comfortable handles/footpads, better warranties, increased stride lengths and higher max weight capacities.

See all of the current models of this popular elliptical brand here and compare the specs and pricing

What do the experts think about the TRUE ellipticals? Let’s take a look…

Critics Like:

The TRUE M30 is the machine that is most discussed by the experts. Several leading consumer magazines give very positive reviews and rate it a Best Buy, giving it high marks in ergonomics (how well it accommodates different users), ease of use, heart rate measuring, construction and user safety. They like the chest strap that allows for more accurate readings.

All of the current models have received one best buy award or another, either in their respective price categories or in the compact elliptical category.

Most of the experts agree that these are very well made machines and are very quiet, even during transitions to other resistance levels. They also love the solid construction on these ellipticals, likening them to those found in professional gyms. Another plus is that these are great options for those with limited space as their footprint is relatively small.

Critics Don’t Like:

There’s really not much that the critics don’t like when it comes to TRUE Ellipticals. One thing that came up a few times was the fact that there is no incline or decline capability. Other than that the only issue is the high price, which is something the experts always complain about. The fact is you can get a very good elliptical with all of the great features (perhaps even more) for at least $1000 less than any of the TRUE elliptical models.

But that doesn’t mean these aren’t very good options, especially considering the space-saving footprint, the bio-mechanical design, comfort and ease of use. At the end of the day when you enjoy using a machine you’ll use it a lot more often. These ellipticals are enjoyable to work out on.

So what’s the bottom line on TRUE elliptical machines?

If you have the money, TRUE ellipticals are great. Good company, good customer service, good machines. Do you have to spend over $2000 to get a good elliptical for your home? Of course not. There are some wonderful options in the $1000-1500 range that we discuss on this site. But you won’t be disappointed with your TRUE elliptical, which will probably last you for many years to come.

If you do decide to buy a TRUE elliptical machine you definitely want to check out the selection at Amazon as they tend to have the best prices and often offer free shipping as well, so you an save a lot of money.