FreeMotion 570 InteractiveFreeMotion 570 Interactive

Web Price: $4,999 | Sale Price: $4,999

The FreeMotion 570 Interactive is a front-drive elliptical which means it’s a bit more compact than rear-drive ellipticals. It’s footprint is only 71 inches long and 26 inches wide so you’re not taking up a whole lot of space. It comes with pre-installed workout apps and designed to give you the best workout an elliptical can give.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 5.0 / 5.0

375 lbs
Stride Length:
20 – 22″
71″L x 26″W x 68.5″H

Expert Reviews

UPDATE: The Freemotion 570 is no longer available. You can compare the latest models on sale here.

According to our FreeMotion 570 elliptical reviews the experts seem to be impressed with these cardio trainers. They note the quality of craftmanship, the abundance of features and the unique decline option that you don’t find on other machines. The one problem they tend to have with these ellipticals, although it’s not really a problem per se, is the high price tag. Although it does have a ton of great features, it’s a lot of money to spend on a piece of equipment for your home.

Still, fitness experts agree that if it does fall within your budget, it’s a great option. This is evidenced by the fact that so many high end gyms across the country and the world feature FreeMotion ellipticals and strength training equipment. It’s built well, caters to users of all sizes and weights, and truly offers everything you would want in a workout experience.

User Reviews

Due to its high price tag, there are not too many FreeMotion 570 elliptical reviews to be found online. This machine, or a version of it, is typically found in the gym. But we searched around to find some user feedback on this machine.

“It’s a REALLY smooth elliptical motion. The fan is the first one that actually does what it’s supposed to do – they even have a setup where the harder you work, the harder the fan blows on you. The interface is easy to understand and use. The minimums for the worksouts are do-able, compared to some where the minumum speed is marathon running.”

We’ve personally used FreeMotion ellipticals for years here at the Guru, and have always been impressed with how sturdy these machines are and how many features they offer. There are a whopping 36 different workouts to target different muscle groups, there’s a really nice 10″ color touch screen now with an Android browser, wireless chest strap heart monitoring, iFit technology (virtually work out anywhere in the world), huge comfortable pedals and both incline and decline capability, which is very cool.


The FreeMotion 570 Interactive is a high quality elliptical with all of the bells and whistles you’d expect on a high-end, commercial grade machine. Do you need to spend $5000 on an elliptical? Of course not, but if it is within your budget you really can’t ask for more given all of the capabilities that this powerhouse has.

You can check out the new FreeMotion 570 at the official manufacturer site and discover if it’s the right choice for you.