FreeMotion E7.7FreeMotion E7.7

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A pricey elliptical yet solidly constructed and very high quality, gym-style workout.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 3.5 / 5.0

400 lbs
Stride Length:
83″ L x 30″ W x 70″ H

Expert Reviews

“The e7.7 was another new introduction last season and it did not disappoint. High quality components with an aggressive pricing structure make us feel comfortable giving this unit a good rating. You may like other units better but this unit won’t disappoint.” – Treadmill Doctor

“The FreeMotion E7.7 is a great elliptical trainer that will get results while challenging you to enjoy yourself…the handlebars are movable for a more intense challenge to the upper body…electromagnetic resistance system ensures a smooth and quiet ride.” –

“We think this unit looks a bit flimsy and cheap. It is very boxy in design and just not that appealing to work out on for that reason. But, looking beyond the cosmetics the feature set and resistance system on this machine are quite good.” – Elliptical Trainers

“The commercial-quality FreeMotion e7.7 elliptical trainer is among the best values in its price class. While we rarely assign a five-star rating, this model is an exception.” –

User Reviews

The more expensive an elliptical trainer is, the fewer reviews you tend to find. The reason is quite simple…most people do not buy a $4,000 elliptical for their home. So FreeMotion E7.7 elliptical reviews are hard to find, although you can find some on Amazon for other models such as the residential 510 and 570 models.

Perhaps when the price comes down a bit more people will buy them for home use, but for now you’ll have to settle for our own in-house review below. 🙂

Guru Test Drive

UPDATE: The FreeMotion E7.7 has been discontinued. Check out the latest Freemotion elliptical reviews here.

There are a lot of FreeMotion machines at my gym, including treadmills and a number of different strength training machines. I tend to use the strength apparatus a lot as they offer a much different workout than regular machines. As the name suggests, there is much more freedom of movement which allows you to perform the exercise any way you like rather than one strict motion. So it really adds variety to your routine.

At any rate, I use the FreeMotion E7.7 regularly, as it is one of two elliptical options (the other is Octane, which is also good) at my gym. I really like these machines and I’ll tell you why. For starters, they are well-constructed, but most commercial machines are so they can withstand multiple users all day long. You can jump through 20 resistance levels with a touch of a button. You can change your stride and your incline to vary your workout and hit different muscles.

The really cool feature that you won’t find on many machines is the decline capability. So in addition to setting an incline, you can also set a decline which is a nice twist. It feels a little weird at the beginning as you’re not used to it but after a while it feels great. And it works your muscles a bit differently. So there is a ton of variety possible, just like with their strength equipment. It’s not one size fits all which restricts you to working out a certain way.

What else stood out during our FreeMotion E7.7 review? There’s a nice big 10″ display which adds to the experience. It’s also iFit compatible which allows you to incorporate Google maps to simulate running anywhere all over the world, training with fitness expert Jillian Michaels and all sorts of goal-oriented programs and workouts. It is an extra cost but it’s worth it as it is very motivating. Staring at the readout the whole time or at the wall in front of you gets boring after a while.

The motion is smooth and quiet, the pedals are very comfortable and heart rate monitoring is good, especially with the chest strap which is more accurate than the sensors on the arm.


The FreeMotion E7.7 is a very good elliptical machine. It will give you a great workout with both incline and decline capability and adjustable resistance and strides. The only downside is it’s quite expensive, and you really don’t need to spend $4,000 to get a high quality elliptical machine. In fact you can get an incredible machine for less than half of that with all of the features that you need.

Still, if money is no object, you really can’t go wrong with this one. It’ll last for years, as it is commercial quality, and FreeMotion is one of the top names in the fitness industry. You will not be disappointed with your purchase.