Horizon EX-77 At A Glance

Greetings again my loyal readers.  I’m shaking things up in the “At A Glance” business by including ellipticals trainers!  So today’s Elliptical Trainer Review At A Glance is going to be the Horizon EX-77.  I hope you enjoy!

So the Horizon EX-77 is a pretty nice elliptical. The main thing I like about this elliptical is how compact it is and yet it is still smooth like butter in its movements. If you ask me, pivoting foot plates are probably the best for ellipticals, it allows you to have a more natural feeling stride. Another great feature of this elliptical is the power incline. I think there is nothing better than incline training on a treadmill, it can give you an immensely better workout; and now they have finally brought incline training to ellipticals. Using an elliptical already burns more calories than treadmill running, but now with incline training you can do so much more!

I think that this is a great elliptical that is extremely quiet and well worth the money, despite some complaints of difficulty setting it up. There you have it, check it out at a glance!