LiveStrong LS13.0ELiveStrong LS13.0E

Web Price: $2,099.99 | Sale Price: $1,199.99

This model is the top of the line for ellipticals put out by Livestrong. However it is lacking in some areas, and definitely isn’t the best value on the market!

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 3.0 / 5.0

350 lbs
Stride Length:
76″ L x 29″ W x 68″ H

Livestrong is out of business. Check out Horizon ellipticals here for a comparable machine.

Expert Reviews

“Our best buy winner for the $1299 category reigns by virtue of consumer praise. Rarely have we received the number of emails from consumers that have bought a machine that we have about the LS13.0E” – Treadmill Doctor

“The super 5 year warranty with 2 years in-home labor is a good reason to spend a few more bucks to upgrade to the Livestrong LS13.0E elliptical machine. You will also enjoy the softer Maxtone™ Arched pedals and special programming options.” – EllipticalMachineReviews

“Ellipticals with price ranging from $1000 to $1500 usually come with a parts warranty between 2 – 4 years, but with the LS13.0E, you get 5 years. That’s very good for this price range. You also get 2 years warranty on labor compared to the others 1 year.” – Treadmills411

User Reviews

The LS13.0e has many reviews from users right on the LiveStrong website. Here are a couple which seem to be the most helpful for someone considering this purchase.

“One of the reasons we purchased this was that we were told by the Dick’s Sporting Goods staff and the owners manual also stated that in the Muscle Toning setting the machine would prompt you to go forward and backwards. It never did as it said it would in the manual. After several phone calls, we were finally told that the machine did not do this and it was a misprint in the manual. This was very frustrating to me because as I had mentioned it was a training mode that swayed me toward this particular machine and now I’m told sorry it doesn’t exist.” -Fit1

“I am 71″ tall. The stride is too short for me and you can’t adjust it. Downloadable programs are good but you can’t find the detailed profile of the incline/resistance it auto sets during a workout. Uploading your workouts to is easy enough, but it only displays last 5 workouts, even when you ask for all-time history When you call about the software issues, they just say they’re working on it and that’s it.” -Anonymous

“The workouts are great. The machine is really quiet. I noticed a knocking noise initially, but it turned out to be a bolt that needed tightened.” -SouthernBigBoy

“The only negative so far is a slight rocking of the elliptical at higher speeds – this may be due to the location of the machine itself (on carpet with 6# padding under) but I think a wider platform would help this issue. It is really only a minor annoyance as within the first 15 minutes of use you learn to “balance” yourself. As a plus, I think you get a better core workout as a result!” -Moosedriver


The LiveStrong LS13.0E is seems to be a pretty sturdy machine with only a few drawbacks. Be aware that it doesn’t have the capability to reverse pedal, which is a big part of the workout for some people.
Also, I really hoped to see that Livestrong would have an adjustable stride length on their most expensive elliptical, but this isn’t the case. The fixed 20” length may be great for some, but definitely doesn’t cater to everyone. There also seem to be some problems with the workout tracker USB system. However, if none of those things matter to you, then this may be a good choice and can provide you with a good workout.