Need Elliptical Parts? Here’s Where To Find Them

Even the best elliptical machines can break down at some point or simply need replacement parts from time to time. When this happens, it’s good to know where you should go to get your machine back up and running.

Here are your options when it comes to fixing your elliptical and finding replacement elliptical parts…

Elliptical Manufacturer

The first thing you should do is to check whether the broken or malfunctioning part is still covered under warranty. Depending on the brand and the model, the parts warranty could range anywhere from one year to five years. If it is still under warranty, you can contact your elliptical manufacturer directly and get it replaced for free.

If the warranty has expired, you can still buy the part directly from the manufacturer. You can place an order online and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

Prominent brands like ProForm and NordicTrack have a separate section on their website for parts and manuals where you can find all the information you need about replacement parts.

If you are not able to buy it from the manufacturer for whatever reason (item not in stock or the model has been discontinued), you can look for other options on the internet.

Fitness Equipment Stores

There are a number of online stores like Sportsmith, Treadmill Doctor, e-replacement parts, and Fitness Repair Parts that sell fitness equipment, replacement parts, and accessories. These stores sell spare parts and accessories for ellipticals from all the major brands and act as a one-stop-solution for all your fitness needs.

Apart from these stores, Sears is also an excellent place to shop for elliptical replacement parts. Sears PartsDirect online store has an extensive collection of repair and replacement parts for fitness equipment.

You can check out these websites, find out if they have the part you are looking for, and place an order for the same. If the part is in stock, it will be shipped usually within a business day or two. If it is not in stock, the supplier might get it from their warehouse and ship it to your address. In such cases, it might take a little longer.

These websites usually have a support center or an online forum where you can watch tutorial videos and read how-to guides regarding repairing your fitness equipment. You can also contact the seller directly if you have any questions regarding the product you intend to buy.

These stores also have a return policy. If the part you buy is defective or does not fit your machine properly, you can return it and get it replaced free of cost. It should be noted that the actual terms and conditions for returning the product might differ from one seller to another.

E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay also sell elliptical replacement parts, among other fitness related products. However, they do not have an extensive collection of replacement parts for all the major brands like the aforementioned fitness stores do.

For example, Amazon has a large collection of spare parts for NordicTrack, ProForm elliptical parts, HealthRider, and Reebok ellipticals. It does not have nearly as many parts in stock for brands like Life Fitness, SOLE, and Icon. Same is the case with eBay.

These websites, however, update their product catalogue and add new items quite regularly. So, there is a good chance that you might find what you are looking for in here.

Also, these websites buy and sell in bulk. So, they can afford to offer products at very competitive prices. This is one of the biggest advantages of shopping at sites like Amazon and eBay. You can also make full use of offers like holiday discounts, deal of the day, and clearance sales to save a lot of money on your purchases.

Buying Used Parts

If you are really short on cash and cannot afford to buy brand new replacement parts for your elliptical, you should consider buying used parts. There are websites like Used Treadmill Repair Parts that sell used parts at discounted prices for people who cannot afford to buy new ones or for those who are simply looking to save money.

You can also look for used elliptical parts on Amazon and eBay as well.

It is important to remember that used parts do not last as long as new ones and they do not come with an extended warranty. So, before buying the product, make sure it is in working condition and find out if you can return it in case of any defects.

Repairing Your Elliptical

Once you have got the necessary part, you can get started with repairing your elliptical trainer. You can follow the instructions given in the manual to remove the malfunctioning part and replace it with the new one.

If you do not have the manual or if you think you need some technical assistance, you can visit your elliptical manufacturer’s website or the online store where you bought the spare part. You can usually find a support section that contains FAQs, video tutorials, and how-to guides. Alternatively, you can also hire a professional elliptical repairman or visit online forums and get your doubts clarified by fellow fitness enthusiasts. Once you do, fixing your elliptical becomes a lot easier.


If you are looking for elliptical spare parts, you have a number of choices including your elliptical manufacturer, online stores, fitness parts sellers, and e-commerce websites. You can compare the prices among different sellers and choose the deal that can help you save the most. Once you have the product, you can fix your elliptical yourself with the help of instruction manuals and DIY tutorials. With regular maintenance and timely replacement of faulty parts, you can make sure your elliptical remains as good as new for a long time.