NordicTrack Audiostrider 990 Elliptical Review Video

One of my most favorite ellipticals is the NordicTrack Audiostrider 990 Pro. Some of my favorite things about it include:

  • Quiet – This elliptical does not make a sound. It has a little hum when it inclines but that’s it. Which brings my to my next point..
  • Incline – With an incline that goes up to 45 percent, you can target your glutes, thighs, and calves all at different settings.
  • Easy to Assemble – I hear people having problems assembling ellipticals all the time. The 990 pro is a piece of cake. You might need two people to make it easy but it really comes together quite nicely.

Watch the Video

I did a video review of the NordicTrack Audiostrider 990 Pro elliptical. You can watch it below:

Video Transcription

Hi I’m the treadmill review guru. We are going to review the NordicTrack Audiostrider 990 Pro Elliptical.

Assembly wasn’t too bad. We had a couple guys putting this together. If you have another person it shouldn’t you should be alright. When it comes it’s practically put together. You just have to put the arms on and the pulley system together. It’s not bad at all for an elliptical. It comes together real nice. I’ve heard of other ellipticals being a real pain to put together, this one is not bad at all.

Some of the features of the 990:
We have the adjustable pedals. You can have them at adjustable settings. You can have them a little higher, or a little lower.
You can’t adjust the stride on this elliptical. It just comes how it is.
The pedals are nice and wide. If you have big feet you are going to fit, if you have small feet you are definitely going to fit.

Let’s have a look at the console. This is an iFitLive compatible elliptical. So you’ve got some cool features like Run Anywhere with Google Maps, Trainer with Jillian Michaels, and it’s got some workout apps built in. It doesn’t come with iFitLive but you can get the card which you stick in the front.

It has a fan. It’s a pretty nice fan with one setting. It blows good. It has speakers. You can plug in your iPod or mp3 player and it will play right from the console.

This one has incline which not all ellipticals have which is pretty nice. It goes from 15 to 40%, 40 being pretty high for an elliptical.

And you can set your resistance from the console as well. You can also set the incline and resistance from the inside handles. You’ve got inside handles and outside handles.

The nicest thing, in my opinion, about this elliptical is how quiet it is. When you’re looking at treadmills and other ellipticals you are going to run into some that are really loud. If you are wanting to have this in your house it is really nice because it doesn’t make a lot of noise. It is smooth and quiet. I will turn it on so you can see just how quiet it is.

[turns on elliptical]

When you’re changing the incline you are going to get a little bit of a hum but even then it’s not too bad. Real smooth, real nice, real quiet. It is quiet enough that if you want to listen to your music on here the speakers will be plenty loud for you and you won’t have any problems.

I like the NordicTrack Audiostrider 990; it is probably one of the nicer ellipticals out there.

That’s my review, catch you next time!


If you like iFitLive, that’s a added feature of this elliptical as well. I’m not a huge iFit Live buff because I don’t think you need Jillian Michaels telling you how to use an elliptical. The important thing is that you get on it and you go to work. It does have built in workout apps which some people love. I like to set my resistance and incline based on how I’m feeling. I think I can push myself a lot more if I’m not strained to a pre-determined workout.

If you’re looking to get the NordicTrack Audiostrider 990 pro, it’s a good choice. Go for it. It’s a beautiful machine.

You can read the full review here.