NordicTrack E11.9 Elliptical Offers Some Great Features

NordicTrack E11.9NordicTrack E 11.9

Web Price: $1,999 | Sale Price: $999

Oversized pedals, 7″ touchscreen and adjustable ramp are some of many great features.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.0 / 5.0

350 lbs
Stride Length:
67.1″L x 25″W x 69.1″H

The E 11.9 is the second front drive elliptical trainer in the NordicTrack Elite Series. It is slightly more advanced than its sister model – the E 8.9 – and offers some of the best features in its class.

Let’s take a look at some of the features we like here at the Guru….

UPDATE: As of 2016, the NordicTrack E 11.9 is no longer available. Check out the latest elliptical lineup from NordicTrack on sale here.


The E 11.9 has a very good power incline ramp. You can adjust the angle from 3 to 20 degrees. You can increase the angle to target your glutes and hamstrings and decrease the angle to target your quads and calves. You can change the angle easily using the touch screen. As you increase the angle of the ramp, the stride length also increases from 18” to 20” automatically.

Resistance Levels

The machine has 24 digital resistance levels. You can change the level with the single touch of a button. The Silent Magnetic Resistance technology ensures that the transition from one resistance level to another is smooth and quiet.

Workout Choices

NordicTrack E 11.9 has 32 built-in workout apps. Based on your fitness goals and athletic ability, you can choose an appropriate workout program.

The machine is also iFit compatible. You can create a profile on iFit and get a customized workout designed by a professional fitness trainer. You can also use Google Maps to choose a particular place or running route. The machine automatically adjusts the incline to simulate the route to give you an outdoor workout experience. I personally love this feature as it makes an otherwise normal workout session so much more enjoyable.

Heart Rate Reading Sensors

Both handlebars have built-in sensors to monitor your heart rate during the workout. The machine also comes with a Bluetooth based wireless chest strap, which sends a reading to the display so that you can keep an eye on your heart rate while working out.

The earlier version was also wireless chest strap compatible, but you had to buy the wireless strap separately. In this machine, the strap is included as part of the package itself.

Touch Screen Display

The 7-inch full color display is bright and colorful. It shows a variety of stats like calories burned, heart rate, resistance level, workout program, and many more. It is also fully web enabled. You can browse the web while you work out.

There is a tablet holder attached to the console as well. You can place your tablet there and watch your favorite shows or movies while you work out. The tablet holder is positioned above the display, so you can keep an eye on your favorite show/movie and your workout stats simultaneously.

This is yet another feature I absolutely love as it helps me stay motivated while working out. I personally love watching programs that keep me motivated while sweating my butt off on the elliptical. Time goes by that much quicker.

Handlebars and Pedals

The long, multi-position upper body grips are designed to help you target different muscle groups in your arms.

The pedals are large and cushioned, which you don’t typically find in elliptical trainers in this price range. You can also adjust the toe-to-heel angle to make sure your feet stay comfortably in place even during long workout sessions.


The machine comes with a lifetime frame warranty, three year parts warranty, and one year labor warranty.

The machine also has a music system with speakers, a water bottle holder, an automatic cooling fan, and transport wheels.

OK so there are definitely a lot of positives for the NordicTrack E11.9 elliptical….but what about the negatives?

What Could Be Better

The E 11.9 is iFit compatible, but you have to purchase the iFit LIVE subscription separately. It is not really a problem, as the machine gives you plenty of choices in terms of workout programs with 32 built-in workout apps. Still, I feel that a free one month trial of iFit would have been a great addition to the machine. And once people see how cool it is there are likely to sign up anyway.

There are no controls on the handlebars. You can use the touch screen display to customize your workout, but you might miss being able to adjust the workout intensity on the go, especially if you are used to working out on machines with fingertip-control handlebars.

So what’s the bottom line?

NordicTrack E 11.9 is a very good elliptical with some amazing features. It is one of the best in its class and very affordable. Most of the expert reviews we’ve looked at are positive, as are most user ratings. So, I can confidently recommend it for anyone who is looking for a well-built, high quality elliptical trainer on a budget. You can take a look at the new NordicTrack 11.9 and decide if it has what you are looking for. For the price you really can’t go wrong.