Octane Q35x EllipticalOctane Q35x Elliptical Trainer

Web Price: $2,199 | Sale Price: $2,199

One of the most affordable ellipticals from this high end brand with 8 built programs, workout boosters and large display.

Overall Rating From Elliptical Review Guru: 4.5 / 5.0

300 lbs.
Stride Length:
65″L x 26″W

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Overview: The Octane Q35x is the most affordable of all of the standing ellipticals the company offers, but it has the same level of quality and design the company is known for. With 8 workout programs including the patented workout boosters, it is sure to help you reach your fitness goals.

Here are some of the best features…

Workout Boosters

Something you don’t find anywhere else, this allows you to ramp up your training at any time during your routine, giving you interval training to burn calories and build muscle. The Q35x comes with X-Mode, Arm Blaster and Glute Kicker, all of which take your workouts to the next level. You can use them during manual mode or while using one of the 8 built in training regimens.

Low Step Up Height

The Q35x is very compact and gives you the lowest step up height of any model. At just 4″, it is very easy to get on and off the machine, making working out much more convenient for you.

Large Display

This elliptical trainer features a large LED display that is easy to read while you train, giving you all of the necessary feedback including speed, time, distance, heart rate, program level and calories.

Mom Mode Safety Feature

One of the nicest features of the Q35x is Mom mode. With the touch of a button, you can increase the resistance on the machine to such a level that your kids can’t use it and accidentally injure themselves. It is a very good safety feature to have.

Octane Q35x Test Drive

We recently worked out on the Q47x model, which is essentially the same machine except you can adjust the stride up to 26″. The stride on the Q35x is a fixed 21″, but should be comfortable for even the tallest users. The motion is extremely smooth and natural, and the close pedal placement puts you in the ideal position to train comfortably.

The display is simple, but effective, giving you everything you need as far as workout feedback. The workouts are diverse, and you can concentrated on calorie burn or distance. The workout boosters are really nice, because at any point you can choose one of them and make your training session more intense. It’s great for those days where you feel like you are just going through the motions on your elliptical and want to change things up.

You can definitely get a nice full body workout here. You can use the moving handles to work the upper body. You can also just use the stationary handles to work the leg muscles, changing your own position from standing to squat to target different areas.

The Q35x is a great machine and offers a great workout, but keep in mind that you are missing out on some features that you get on the higher priced models. As we mentioned, the stride is fixed on the Q35 as well as Q37 models. You don’t have the Cross Circuit attachments for arm band workouts. You also don’t have SmartLink which gives you a ton of additional workout programs, tracking and other capabilities.

These features aren’t necessary, but they are very motivational so the more advanced models are worth considering.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a commercial grade elliptical that won’t set you back over $3,000, the Octane Q35x is a solid choice. At around $2199 or so on sale, it gives you a nice array of workout programs and is designed to keep you in the ideal position to maximize your results.

If you want a little more in terms of stride flexibility, cross circuit training and workout tracking, take a look Q37 and Q47 models.

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